What is Magento? Magento Advantages. Store Manager for Magento

Magento can be installed on virtually any system from Unix, Linux to Windows and even Mac. It is written in PHP language and utilizes MySQL database. It offers great flexibility through its modular architecture and besides is completely scalable that its users appreciate.

Magento is a powerful open-source e-commerce platform. Today it gains more and more popularity among common users and experienced SEO optimizers. Magento is the world’s fastest growing e-commerce system.

Magento comes in 3 versions for different business sizes and models:

… Magento Go for small business. Main Magento Go advantage is that you do not need to have your own servers, all technical work is be done by professionals and you can concentrate on main business tasks

… Magento Community for medium size business. It is a very powerful and flexible free tool and that is the main advantage

Magento Enterprise for large ecommerce companies which contains all possible Magento advantages

All the mentioned versions have their own peculiarities, but all of them possess main Magento advantages, which are the following: you can create a catalog of your products, add multiple digital images for the same product, change their view and add wish lists. Without any effort you can browse or filter the products of your catalogue and make product comparison. Magento supports advanced pricing rules and special prices. You can easily manage orders and shipment, and choose different payment methods and currencies. What is more you can easily handle few online stores with same or different products inventory, prices, descriptions, attribute sets (a set of attributes required only for this group of products) within one Magento Store. That is the top-most feature if you have suppliers with totally different groups of products and you do not want to take care about few separate shopping cart platforms.

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Comparing Types of Self Storage

Each type of storage is ideal for a certain item, but usually able to hold other items as well – with the exception of outdoor storage, which is most suitable for vehicles, boats, RVs, motorcycles and other large equipment like lawn or farm equipment, and not suitable for most general items. But with indoor storage, you can store some large equipment, as well as things like valuables and paperwork, and drive-up storage is suitable for just about anything you need to store, including boats, RVs and other vehicles.

Drive-up storage units are probably the most common self storage available. These units are about the size of a small garage, with the standard size typically coming in at about 10 x 10. They can be smaller or larger, with varying ceiling heights. These units are usually not climate control storage, so anything stored in them will need to be able to stand up to possible extreme temperatures, based on the climate in your area. A drive-up storage unit is convenient because you can back a truck right up to the unit and unload it there. You don’t have to carry items through a building to get to an indoor storage unit. And because the door is like a garage door that rolls up and out of the way, the opening is large enough to easily accommodate things like appliances and furniture, and even allows some vehicles to drive right in, if the facility allows vehicles in their drive-up storage units (and most do).

You may even be able to find climate control drive-up self storage, but don’t assume that the facility offers them. Ask so you can be sure to get the right storage for you needs. There are some possible drawbacks to this type of self storage, whether you’re using it for boat storage, vehicle storage, or general storage.

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What is Self Storage?

Self storage differs from some other storage solutions in that you have complete control of your storage unit. Unlike some storage solutions where you pay a high fee and sign a contract that allows you limited access to your goods – usually in which the storage company is present each time you remove or add something to your storage. In fact, you’ll have to find your own way to bring your items to the storage unit, and to remove them later. You have access to your items any time the facility is open, and you can remove items and add items at will with no extra charges or invasion of your privacy. You’re also not locked into a long-term contract because most self storage lets you rent a storage unit for as little as a month.

There’s a wide variety of choice when it comes to the size of your self storage unit, too. Some mini storage units are small, barely the size of a small hallway closet. But you can also rent space large enough for boat storage, vehicle storage or even RV storage. The smaller the storage unit, the smaller the price tag. And in some cases, if you need large or long term storage, you can get discounts.

The flexibility offered by self storage also translates to more convenience when it’s time to put items into storage or take them out. It doesn’t cost anything to access your storage and you won’t pay extra, as you could with traditional storage if you add something new to your storage unit. You don’t have to wait for an appointment, either. As long as the facility is open you can access your self storage. You might have to sign in to show that you were there and accessed it, but that should be all you’re required to do.

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