What is Self Storage?

Self storage differs from some other storage solutions in that you have complete control of your storage unit. Unlike some storage solutions where you pay a high fee and sign a contract that allows you limited access to your goods – usually in which the storage company is present each time you remove or add something to your storage. In fact, you’ll have to find your own way to bring your items to the storage unit, and to remove them later. You have access to your items any time the facility is open, and you can remove items and add items at will with no extra charges or invasion of your privacy. You’re also not locked into a long-term contract because most self storage lets you rent a storage unit for as little as a month.

There’s a wide variety of choice when it comes to the size of your self storage unit, too. Some mini storage units are small, barely the size of a small hallway closet. But you can also rent space large enough for boat storage, vehicle storage or even RV storage. The smaller the storage unit, the smaller the price tag. And in some cases, if you need large or long term storage, you can get discounts.

The flexibility offered by self storage also translates to more convenience when it’s time to put items into storage or take them out. It doesn’t cost anything to access your storage and you won’t pay extra, as you could with traditional storage if you add something new to your storage unit. You don’t have to wait for an appointment, either. As long as the facility is open you can access your self storage. You might have to sign in to show that you were there and accessed it, but that should be all you’re required to do.

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