Boat Storage Tips

Summer and fall have come and gone. Days are short and cold and nights seem to last forever. If you are a boat owner and have not already done so, now is the time to winterize your boat and to get it into boat storage. This article will provide a few tips and tricks for ensuring a safe and sound slumber for your watercraft throughout winter while in climate controlled storage environment even though it is more expensive. I prefer this method of boat storage to the others because it affords the boat much more protection that simply covering it and leaving it outside in the elements. By keeping the boat indoors, it is totally protected from anything that nature can throw at it. Just be sure to properly support the hull whenever you decide to dry-store your boat. Failure to properly support he boat’s hull will certainly result in cracked bulkheads, engine misalignment, and other serious distortions that can very easily render your boat useless. This, of course, is never a good thing!

There you have it. This article, I hope, has given you a few very good tips for ensuring a safe and sound boat storage season. If you can combine the boat storage tips in this article with just a bit of good old fashioned common sense, you can have your boat out of storage and in the water in no time come next boating season. Just remember to always refer to the user guide that came with your boat and motor to fill in the details and to ensure they do not require anything special prior to putting them into boat storage for the season.

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