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When running an online web store, sellers needs a reliable & proven e-commerce platform with easy & usable tools. Goo2o Merchant Solution (GMS) is the shopping cart software offered by the leading ecommerce company Goo2o Technologies Pvt Ltd. This platform combines all the features you need in a user friendly interface to start selling online. With the operational support of Goo2o Technologies, sellers will find that it gets much easier to build up their web store and sell online.

Determine what to sell

This is the basic thing online sellers has to decide before setting up an online store. You need to decide what to sell and what exactly your niche is. Then organizing the products according to different categories, brands etc helps you to manage products effectively. Using the online product catalog offered by Goo2o Technologies lets you manage your products easily.

Decide the best domain name

A good domain name helps you in improving your Goo2o store ranking in the search engine results. This will increase your store visibility and attract more visitors towards your store. So, deciding the simple & effective domain name is an important factor before setting up your Goo2o store.

Take a test drive

You can get started with Goo2o Merchant Solution and can request a demo easily. You will get a fully functional store free for 15 days. Then you can manage your own store using the exclusive features and tools. This will make you familiar with the platform provided by goo2o technologies.

Set up your store

Now, if you are satisfied with the test drive of GMS, then you can go live with your GMS store. It is a completely managed platform offered by Goo2o Technologies. You can easily start your online selling of products after setting up the store. For buliding up the store, you don’t need to have a technical expertise. Managing an online web store is easy by just having the basic knowledge of Internet.

Design store the way you want

There are lot of design tenplates offered by Goo2o Technologies using which you can keep your store look fresh & appealing. Goo2o store owners can customize the templates and wallpapers on their own and keep the customers engaged on the store.

Start selling

Finally your store set up is complete. You can sell unlimited number of products on your Goo2o store. There is no limitations for adding product images, its variations etc on the store. Arranging products according to the brands and categories gives the clear picture to the customers and they can easily make choices.

Promote your store

You can use the promotional tools offered by Goo2o Technologies. Like promotion through Facebook, Twitter and various marketplaces will help Goo2o store owners in grasping customers attention towards theirs store. You can sell your products on the marketplaces.

So, the online sellers who are finding a trusted GMS free demo store.

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