Prevent Data Leak, Block USB Drives

The most common approach to secure the networks is putting them behind firewalls and installing anti-virus programs and filters on the servers as well as on all client workstations. But securing the network and computers only is not sufficient at all, you should also secure your data from getting leaked and misused.

Imagine what would happen if someone brings his own USB drive or a memory stick and connect it to the computer at your office or home? A small sized 2 GB USB drive is capable of keeping an entire company’s essential data. You can imagine that within few minutes or even seconds that person would have all those files which he needs in order to start up his own business and take all your customers with him. Alternatively, a careless employee can accidentally damage the network with an infected USB drive.

As an administrator, if you wish to establish at least a minimum level of security, it is very important that at first you control which users can connect USB drives and other memory sticks to the computer. Unfortunately, a default Windows XP or Windows 2000 installation comes with the limitations on who is able to install and use USB storage media that it only distinguishes between whether or not a USB storage device can be installed on a particular computer.

Portable USB drives are undeniably very useful, but at the same time they can also be used to upload malicious code to your computer (either knowingly or unintentionally), or to copy confidential information from your computer and take it away. To prevent such incidences to happen, you must block USB drives from accessing your computer illegitimately.

Device Block is a data leak prevention software that lets you block all the unauthorized USB drives and memory sticks so that no one can steal your data by plugging in such devices neither can he upload any malware or malicious code to your computer.

A recent study in the U.S. has reported that around 1.8 Billion records have been compromised because of unauthorized access of USB drives and other such portable devices from 2000 to 2009. This is because of the fact that it is practically not possible to foresee through which channel the next data leak will take place; because one doesn’t have to be an administrator to plug in a small USB drive or thumb drive to the USB port of your computer and begin copying whatever he wants from your computer.  Therefore, it is mandatory to block USB drives from accessing your computer so that you can prevent data leak and can also protect corporate information from getting misused.

Device Block helps you to protect your data from getting leaked and misused by blocking unauthorized devices from accessing your data. It prompts for the password every time a USB drive is plugged into the computer where Device Block is installed. However, all those devices which you have added to your authorize list will get full access to your computer as soon as they plug in.

By default, USB devices and ports have been blocked. However if you wish, you can deactivate this protection.

You have got to try Device Block. .

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Optimizing an online store with search engines

Whether you look at an online store or an offline store one problem is certain for the store owners -traffic generation. Since here we are talking about ecommerce market so, focusing on search engine optimization is the best means to generate traffic for the store owners. Lots of prospective buyers use search engines while seeking a particular product, Major portion of them click on the top displayed search results. If your online store’s products are getting displayed in the top search results then the probability of those prospective buyers landing on your store increases. This is the reason that optimization of a web store holds the most important place for the store owners followed by other marketing techniques.  

Wondering what does this optimization means? Well, optimization of an ecommerce store in simple terms means improving its visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing without incurring any expenses.

Optimizing tools provided by top ecommerce store providers

Volusion- Ithas three SEO plans for its store owner – starter, advanced and Custom.  Starter SEO plan has very limited options for the store owners like Google analytics, webmaster tools, sitemap submission etc. Advanced SEO plan apart from all of the features from Starter SEO plans primarily includes directory submission and content development. Under the custom plan which is the top most among the three, a store owner can also optimize images and videos.  If a volusion store owner wants any technical help regarding SEO he will have to buy ‘SEO audit’ product with an initial cost of $799.
BigCommerce – It has an upper hand over Volusion when it comes to search engine optimization tools. BigCommerce doesn’t charge any setup fee, and the Basic plan is cheaper with BigCommerce than Volusion. Some of the main features include – URL structuring, robots.txt file, Meta info, SEO friendly links etc.
 Magento – Its Basic SEO package costs $810 which has a duration of just 3 months. This basic package has few less options like HTML code and content optimization is limited to home page only. It doesn’t provide store owners with the option of meta robot module, products optimization and most importantly no option of template optimization.
Shopify – Its SEO facility provides the option of sitemap submission and Meta tag information to their store owners who have opted for basic plan ($29/month). If a store owner is looking for additional benefits that he has to incur more expenses, their highest plan would cost $176/ month.
Goo2o merchant solution (GMS) – A product of Goo2o Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides its store owners with integrated SEO tools without any extra cost. All the technical support regarding the implementation of these SEO tools are given to store owners without any additional charges.  There is huge list of SEO tools that Goo2o store owners get:

They can submit their store to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This helps in the easy discovery of their Goo2o store in search results.
Goo2o store owners can verify their Goo2o powered store with different search engines. This enables the search engines to index all the pages of their Goo2o store. Goo2o store owners can analyze user behavior and select the target users geographically. Moreover, they can put in requisition for the change in Google’s crawl rate.
They can submit the sitemap (generated by Goo2o) to various search engines. Submitting the sitemap to search engines speeds up the discovery process and provides better search results.
Goo2ostore owners can change the meta info (title, keyword and description) of every product, images and pages on their Goo2o store.
They can redirect a page to another that ultimately prevents loosing of page rank.

For all these SEO techniques Goo2o has a ‘Goingo2o wiki’ website that guides the store owners with the steps to carry out the SEO procedure. All these Goo2o wiki has been created so that Goo2o store owners never come across any difficulty while implementing SEO tools for their online store.


Top ecommerce solution providers understand the need of search engine optimization. It’s just the difference in the number of facilities that are provided primarily to the store owners. Goo2o provide its store owners with most effective SEO tools, without any additional cost. Goo2o store owners with the help of SEO tools can improve the search ranking of their Goo2o store. 

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Sales Soar with the Right Dollar Store Items

Obviously you will need a wide assortment of dollar store items for sale in your store.  It is important for you to choose the right dollar store merchandise to offer your shoppers since doing so will considerably increase your sales.  Here are a few tips for choosing the best dollar items for your store.

One of the best things you can do is visit other dollar stores in your area.  This detective work will enable you to see what type of dollar store merchandise your competition is selling right now.  You can also gain insight into which dollar store items are selling fastest.

While you are in the store you might as well have a word with the store owner or manager.  It cannot hurt to ask them a few helpful questions.  The only thing they can do is say no to questions they feel violate store operational secrets.  This likely will not happen unless you visit a store right down the street from your own store.

Another good way to find the best dollar store items to sell is to subscribe to suitable industry publications.  There are various newsletters and magazines within the industry which will provide you with useful information on this and other topics.  Not only will you learn helpful tips on operating your store in general, they will often tell you what type of dollar store merchandise is trending to sell really well at the moment.

Many store owners take things a bit further and visit industry trade shows as well.  One of the main benefits of attending these shows is you will see many different types of products other owners are purchasing to sell in their stores.  You may even find a hot new item which would sell well in yourstore.

Your suppliers are basically supposed to be virtual partners in your business.  If you develop a nice relationship with yoursuppliers then they will provide you with a lot of useful information such as the dollar store merchandise other store owners are purchasing in large quantities.

This may not work very well if you do not have a close relationship with your suppliers.  They may be just trying to sell you additional products to make more money instead of focusing only on the very best products.

One of the final ways to find out more about the best dollar productsaround for you to offer is to hire a consultant.  Consultants are experts with plenty of experience.  They can be very helpful to you.  They are often networked well enough to know what dollar store merchandise will sell well in your store.

Make sure you offer the best dollar store items if you want to make the most money.  Talk to other store owners and some of your suppliers to see what they suggest.  It may also be useful for you to go to industry trade shows and sign up for a few publications as well.  Another way to discover best products is to hire an industry expert to help.

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Self Storage Advice

Storing your belongings with a self storage can be a huge help to both consumers and businesses alike. However there are still precautions that one must take when storing their items in self storage. Taking such precautions to protect your items will ensure that they survive not only the trip to self storage but also the actual time that they are sitting in your self storage unit. Following the tips in this self storage article should provide you with the basic items to do just that.

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Recover USB Pen Drive Data

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pen drive data recovery software to rescue corrupted and virus infected files and folders from several USB devices like thumb drive, zip drive etc. USB drive data unerase tool retrieves lost documents, text, picture, images and video files.

External USB storage media data recovery utility is non destructive and read only tool provides data backup solution for virus infected and logically crashed Removable media. Pen drive data salvage application maintains originality of the entire file while executing data recovery process. Flash drive data retrieval software rescue missing files of all format like DOC, TXT, PPT, JPG, PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, WAV, MIDI, AVI etc. Removable hard drive data undelete application provides user friendly graphical user interface along with an inbuilt help manual which describe all steps to use this tool for deleted data recovery. Memory stick data restoration utility salvages erased files and folders from all major brands of USB storage media including Olympus, Toshiba, Transcend, SanDisk, Jet Flash, Kingston, PQI etc. Kingston USB lost data recovery program supports all type of USB storage devices and restores files permanently deleted using (Shift + Del) key. Professional USB data unerase software recovers files lost after accidental deletion, software malfunctioning and system generated errors. Application works with any Windows operating system including Windows 98, 2000, 2003, ME, NT, XP and Windows Vista.

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Online Shopping Ushers in Low Prices at Chicago Furniture Store

DAZ as a Chicago furniture store is a place where you can find a wide selection of quality merchandise from vendors that you may not have heard of before.

You win with big savings on five fronts:

1.) It is a Chicago furniture store that offers many styles.

2.) It is a Chicago furniture store offers a variety of colors, finishes, veneers, and woods.

3.) It is a Chicago furniture store that offers design elements that captivate.

4.) It is a Chicago furniture store that offers uncompromising value.

5.) It is a Chicago furniture store that does not try to lure customers in with constant promotions.

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Chicagoland's Lowest Priced Discount Online Furniture Store

Overcoming common pitfalls of online shopping:

Many people who shop for furniture at Chicagoland’s Lowest-Priced Discount Online Furniture Store get excited at the breadth of products they see online. Then, they automatically jump to the conclusion that everything they see online will be available for them to see in the store before they decide to purchase. It is a case when their wants get ahead of what is actually the case. So by sidestepping this pitfall, you can align your expectations with the actual process. Perhaps, you have a pressing need for a piece of furniture and you see it online. You then go to the store because you want to touch it and feel it. When you get to the brick and mortar format of Chicagoland’s Lowest Priced Discount Online Furniture Store, the store tells you that the piece you have been seeing online is not there. (This normally is when the fireworks start to happen.) But, really, it is more the jumping to conclusions that causes this disappointment to happen. One needs to keep in mind that the advantages of shopping with Chicagoland’s Lowest Priced Discount Online Furniture Store will not necessarily mean that the crossover will occur with the other format. And while as a customer, it is easy to think it should occur, if one stops to analyze it, one can see that there is no way that an online store carrying 20,000 items would be displaying and stocking those same items on-site in the showroom and the warehouse.


So let’s back up and review what to expect when you shop Chicagoland’s Lowest Priced Discount Online Furniture Store versus what you may be use to when shopping in a brick and mortar format.


When you shop at Chicagoland’s Lowest Priced Discount Online Furniture Store, you can peruse 20,000 items at your leisure without even tackling the furniture store crowds. This stress-reducer is a good benefit. With the advent of mobile technology, accessing your smart phone or I-pod may be ways to get an idea of the product you are looking for. But this alone is not money in the bank. You still have to secure it. When you order online you are left to the whims of the lead times that can extend up to 4-6 weeks. This is when most people head to the store, to see if they can pick up a floor model sooner. Yet, the store can also operate on similar lead times, or the time it takes for the product to make it to the store from the manufacturer once it is ordered.

A different decision making process is required for Chicagoland’s Lowest Priced Discount Online Furniture Store. Keep in mind that the concept revolves around two formats which are different. The main thing to consider in advance is the ability to actually see the product. This can not be emphasized enough as many customers come to the store and have their expectations blitzed and brought back to reality. A brick and mortar store has less capacity to display items than does an online format. If you see something you really like and something that fits your requirements, call ahead to see if you can check it out at the store. The 4-6 week lead time may still apply if the floor model is not available or can not be released.


• The physical showroom in Chicagoland’s Lowest Priced Discount Online Furniture Store is an expansive 40,000 sf warehouse environment with a touch of elegance. What actually makes the environment are the fine furniture and furnishings within it. Otherwise, the environment is rather ordinary. It may be good to put on comfortable walking shoes when you come here because there is a lot of walking to do.

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New Usb Thumb Drive Data Storage Devices, Faster and Bigger But More Secure?

Secure USB Thumb Drives

Flash memory manufacturer Corsair says it has solved the problem of non secured flash drives by forcing you to enter a unique PIN code to enter their USB thumb drive and access your data. It’s a great idea but will it really help?

This “Flash Padlock” USB thumb drive protects file records and data with a unique PIN that you enter on the built in touchpad on the actual USB flash drive shell. You then enter the device into your USB plug on your laptop or desktop and the device operates as extra external memory. Corsair said the device is much more resistant to brute force attacks or keystroke loggers.

You see keystroke loggers record any keystroke you make on your keyboard. In other words, when you type in your password on your keyboard to unlock a secured USB thumb drive, and if a hacker has gotten a program of theirs on your device it would record your password as you type them (all of them). Every so often these keyloger programs send these simple text files via a build in e-mail program to their own e-mail inbox. This is bad!

The new Corsair device would ask that you type in your password before you plug your storage device into your computer USB flash drive port (USB port). So in essence the keylogger hacker programs would never have a chance to record your computers keystrokes and there would be no way for them to access your data.

“Featuring auto-lock hardware security, Flash Padlock is the best way to secure your data while on the go. It prevents any unauthorized access or “Brute Force” attacks to the data on the Flash Padlock. Users can program in a PIN, much like they do for an ATM machine, to lock/unlock their data. An easy to use keypad in conjunction with lock/unlock indicator lights makes the Flash Padlock easy to use. The Flash Padlock is fully plug-and-play, and requires no software or drivers to work properly.”

The Flash Padlock will auto lock after 15 seconds if removed from the computer. This ensures your data stays locked-up, if you forget to lock the device this thing does it by itself (I love things that make sense). The Flash Padlock USB storage device will work with Linux, Mac OS X and Windows based computers.

At the moment the Flash Padlock is available in 1GB and 2GB capacities starting from $29.99. For more information on this specific device visit this URL:

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Comparison Of Above Ground And Below Ground Self Storage

Cold storage accommodates a variety of storage objects including meat, vegetables or any other food storage that needs to remain cold or frozen such as packaged food or seafood that requires refrigeration to remain fresh. In addition to food, you can store other heat-sensitive storage items like valuable articles, rare paintings, films, movies and many other items that may need cold storage. Keep in mind that cold storage units offer additional security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your cold storage rental.

When security is an issue, underground refrigerated cold storage units offer the extra security from any natural or man-made disaster. An underground cold storage unit can offer total protection from storms, fires, thefts or flooding. Being underground, your cold storage unit is kept dry and cool naturally. Cold storage vaults are equipped with 24 hour video security monitoring to ensure complete protection. Access points are contained and sealed with video, security systems, fire alarm systems, metal doors, well trained security guard personnel to be sure that the cold storage unit is accessed by authorized persons only.

Obviously underground conditions will differ greatly from above ground conditions. So the things that can be stored in each type may be very different as well. Think in terms of a wine cellar and that is basically the type of things that you might consider an underground storage unit for. Now in comparison, above ground storage units is entirely something different in the sense that they would store the exact opposite of what you would consider storing underground.

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Storage Rental Facilities

Storage rental facilities offer storage units of all shapes and sizes and you are free to store just about anything you wish in the storage unit that you rent as long as the items you wish to store are not illegal in any way or do not pose a hazard liability to the company. Once you have negotiated with and chosen a storage facility to rent a storage unit from, the facility will require you to complete a rental contract or rental agreement. Be sure you actually read the agreement before you sign up before storing anything in your storage unit. Be sure to read the fine print and understand just exactly what it is you are agreeing to and ask any questions up front before actually making use of the storage rental facilities storage units. It is always better to know the rules beforehand that it is to find out after the fact that the storage unit you need does not fill your requirements correctly.

Storage unit rental agreements are designs to protect both the consumer and the storage rental facility itself. Because of this, it is critical to store your contract in a secure location and that you remember where you actually stored at. This will allow you to pull it out and review it anytime you need to. Storage rental contracts are very easily terminated in those cases simply by providing the proper amount of notice as was agreed to in the storage rental contract. Some of the storage rental facilities will make you pay a full month’s rent even if you terminate the contract only halfway through the month. 

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