Carefully Check the Numbers Before your Dollar Store Start up Begins

There is a certain excitement that comes with the decision to open a dollar store.  Yet in the thrill of that exciting moment it is easy to overlook some very important details and data regarding the soundness of your decision.  One area that cannot be overlooked is the dollar store costs, dollar store sales and dollar store profits involved in your dollar store start up.  The challenge associated with continually building store performance to higher levels is also often underestimated.  However, these are just a few of the long-term business considerations that must be carefully examined prior to making a final decision to move forward.  In this article I present options to better protect yourself from making incorrect decisions about your proposed new business.

· Develop your projections with as much detail as possible.

For example, the actual square footage of the store sales area is critical information to include.  When you open a dollar store be sure dollar store sales, dollar store costs, and profits are based on information about your planned store size.  If you are unsure of the exact size, set a targeted store size to work from.  Then once the proposed location for your dollar store start up is found, adjust to the actual dimensions.  Do not sign a lease agreement until you have created your financials using the real data.  You must be sure the projected financials indicate success.

· Understand all of the dollar store costs.

While the money requirement to prepare and open your store is one obvious dollar store cost, don’t forget to factor in your time, staffing and other costs as well.  If the numbers point toward an investment beyond your capability, or an unreasonable length of time before projected dollar store profits begin to occur, then stop and dig deeper to understand the data.  Recognize this may not be the right business opportunity for you.

· Don’t judge the numbers down.

When you open a dollar store it is a mistake to build in a best-case scenario as the basis for your dollar store start up.  Don’t assume you can beat the averages with higher dollar store sale levels, or early dollar store profits.  In fact adding an extra cushion to cover unexpected expenses or delays in achieving dollar store profits is a much safer way to go.

· Don’t be afraid to seek the help of dollar store experts.

While the ultimate decision is yours to make, the inputs from knowledge dollar store experts can be of great help.  Someone with knowledge about starting a dollar store can provide data and details that can save you time and money.  Even more important; an expert can provide real-life information to help establish realistic cost, and dollar store sales and profits projections.

To your success when you open a dollar store!

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Yahoo Store Design: The Right Way Ahead For Yahoo Store Owners

If you already have a Yahoo Store to sell your products and services to your designated target audience and are looking forward to improve its performance, then the best way forward is to look at various elements of its design. It is a well established fact that good store design can generate immense results. Various factors such as increased trust, better professional looks, improved navigation, and the overall look and feel along with the bonding that you are able to generate with your customer through your store can fetch better sales. Various factors can either increase or impede the flow of visitors and hence sales on your store. Again, most customers like purchasing from professional looking stores rather than untidy ones. Therefore, it is always a golden rule to make your Yahoo Store look more professional than your competition, so that will lure customers to your site and improve sales.

Even if the same products are displayed on two sites, and one is more professional looking than the other, customers will generally prefer the more professional looking site over the other. More customers place an enhanced level of trust on professionally designed stores rather than store with an untidy appearance, so the main emphasis is to get your Yahoo Store designed to make it look as professional as possible. Yet another important role that Store design plays in bringing more customers to your store is good navigation and an orderly presentation of your products and services on the site. If your store navigation is awkward or if customers cannot follow the lay out of the products that is presented on their screen, then in all likelihood, they will dump your website and move on.

It pays to be tidier and arranged, so customers can follow what you are trying to sell to them in a methodological manner. Remember, its all about creating a positive impression to make the customers come to your site and stay on.  Always put your best products along with the best offers in the right places so that customers know what you want to convey. This will lead to better sales as customers will be able to instantly find the product or service they are looking for and finding the right information at the same time. Hence, it pays a lot to have all the information neatly arranged on the site along with the products in the right place along with the ability to guide the customers to their preferred products or services.

Good Yahoo Store design also means making the purchase element simpler and uncomplicated for the visitor. For this, your store ought to have a simple yet secure check-out process that is uncomplicated and convenient for your customers.  You should personally investigate the site design to see that the customers do not get lost on their way to the shopping cart, else they will abandon the shopping cart and leave. With the improvement in communications technology, it’s also a good idea to put a live chat feature so that customers can communicate their queries about their products or services and convert easily. It’s also advisable to integrate a purchase and returns policy with your shipping page that also provides uncomplicated information about shipping the product.  At the same time, it’s also advisable to include certain incentives as part of the purchase and make the site ‘memorable’ so that customer fondly remembers to return to the site for more purchases. In a nutshell, make the customer bookmark the site for further reference.

If you wish to improve your site’s performance and bring it in line with your expectations can go in for a complete redesign of your Store. In this instance, Yahoo Store redesign solutions can effectively meet your needs. So, why not design it in line with your business trends and the specific needs of your target audience? Yahoo Store redesign can easily give you a competitive edge to your online business. Especially in today’s economic scenario, you can look forward to attracting more customers online by thoroughly revamping your existing store. A redesigned store can make a vast improvement to your online image. You can also redesign your store to include features that have been introduced recently, or even obtain feedback from your customers about your site performance and redesign it in accordance with their suggestions and needs.

To summarize, whatever your goals are, Yahoo Store design can get you where you want yourself to be in a relatively short time. With Yahoo Store redesign, you can refurbish your online image while improving your store performance and getting rid of redundant features. Both options give you the power to configure or reconfigure your online business in accordance with current trends.

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Climate Control Storage

Self storage options have really developed over the years. In the past, if you needed to self storage, at best you could find a collection of storage rooms that were more like sheds than anything. You could store your items, but they weren’t safe from climate changes and you were limited to when you could have access to your items. That was the past. Today, you can find various kinds a self storage to meet just about any storage need you may have.

As a rule, good climate controlled facilities can even offer you the assurance that your items will be safely stored there.

Climate controlled storage can be the difference between whether or not your items are kept at a safe, cool temperature or if they end up losing their freshness in a storage facility that is simply for storage. Selecting a climate controlled unit can cost a little more than other units without the ability to control the temperature but the added cost makes the difference.

Whether it is extremely hot, very cold or some other temperature extreme, when you place your items in a climate controlled storage unit you can be sure that they are kept at the same temperature no matter what is going on outside the unit. If you are looking for climate controlled storage in Florida, you have a lot of choices available to you and you may want to start with what location you would like to find such storage. When you narrow down your location to a few specific areas, you can begin searching for climate controlled storage that suits your particular needs. Although there is a small risk associated with Florida, which is the occasional tropical storm or hurricane, some climate controlled facilities can even offer you the assurance that your items will be safely stored there.

By Anonymous

Temporary Self Storage Solutions For Moving

As an adult, you’ve had the pleasure of moving at least once in your life. If you’ve gone away to college as a young adult, you’ve moved around more than once. No matter if you’re young or old, chances are there have been a few occasions when it was necessary to pack up and move. Maybe you’ve just gotten married and are moving into a new apartment or home. Perhaps your job has you relocating to another city for a long term assignment. There are many occasions that represent the necessity to move. Some of these moving scenarios are not permanent and require temporary public storage, even temporarily. Undoubtedly these rules will be incorporated into the rental contract. If they are not, you will want to inquire about these rules and ensure that you are compliant. Failure to comply can result in having your items removed from the storage unit and cause your rental contract to be severed, forcing you to also have to remove the rest of your items from the unit as well.

Many temporary self storage solutions for moving are like a one stop shopping source. They offer not only storage units but packaging items and even moving trucks to help you get your items relocated to the storage unit where they can stay temporarily either on a week to week or month to month basis and are protected with video surveillance and gated access by key only.

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Long Term Storage Tips and Solutions

Many people living in the United States have property in their homes that is never used but cannot be thrown away. This property includes collected items, gifts, inherited property, and much more. In many cases the property is in good condition, useful, or has some sort of sentimental value which means it cannot be thrown out. Initially keeping property in the home that is just for show or that cannot be thrown away causes no problems but, overtime, it can become an issue. When a large family has boxes full of items that cannot be thrown away their home can feel cluttered and unsightly. One way to cut down on the clutter without throwing away boxes of items is to invest in long term storage.

storage unit. Spraying bug killing spray will not hurt your things but you should never leave a flammable can of insecticide in your storage unit for later use.

If you notice a particularly bad outbreak of rodents or insects try to find out what is causing the trouble. In many cases food attracts insects and rodents so never store food if it can be helped. This means do not try to store canned preserves or anything else that might come undone. It is not hard for a jar to break or burst because of bad stacking and the spilled food will attract rodents and insects from all over.

After you have gotten rid of anything that caused a bad infestation it is time to start cleaning up the mess and getting rid of the new guests living in your storage unit. The fastest way to do this is by putting out traps and poison. Insect and rodent traps are extremely inexpensive and are a fast way to rid yourself of unwanted guests. Poison is another good way to get rid of troublesome rodents and insects when handled with care.

Having a storage unit can be an extremely efficient way to take care of storage problems at your home. Once you are comfortable with the idea of using storage units you will be able to take back your home and enjoy your free space.

By Anonymous

Tips on Keeping Your Storage Unit Clean and Secure

Owning a storage unit. Always make sure that you clean your own belongings before bringing them into the clean storage unit. Failing to do this will lead to you tracking in the dirt and possibly insects that you were attempting to avoid. Bring the furniture into the storage unit first. Make sure it has been vacuumed and then drape plastic over it. From there stack all of your boxes and containers on top of the furniture. Keeping your boxes and containers off of the ground will make it harder for vermin to get into them. When you have successfully moved all of your belongings into your clean storage unit you must start worrying about keeping them there.

Even though it is always best to choose storage facility that offers security it is important to remember that you are partially responsible for the effectiveness of that security. This means that you should never do anything to compromise the safety and security of your belongings. Before placing your things into storage do your best to secure your boxes and containers with rope or tape. This will make it harder for casual intruders to snoop inside of your belongings. Also label your boxes obscurely since it will be harder for potential thieves to decide what box holds your underwear and which box holds your DVDs or collectables.

Always remember to padlock the storage unit with a lock they provide or you have purchased. Never forget to lock the unit since this absent mindedness could lead to another renter stealing items from your storage unit. Most importantly, never let anyone have the security code for a gated storage facility or borrow your key. Doing this will make it very hard to recover stolen property since a thief doing this will only have to insist that you gave them permission to be in your storage unit by giving them the key and access to the premises.

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Usb Memory Sticks? Types and Varieties

The memory stick is a silicon medium that is designed for a wide range of audio and visual applications.  On a single memory stick, a wide variety of digital content like photos, computer data, music and movie images can be stored.  Copyright protection of contents and application specification are defined that enable a range of content and data to be held in a single medium.  This allows to record, playback and exchange data with many other related products. 

The memory stick is a new type of recording medium that offers the combination of the features of convenient shape, healthy structure, low power consumption etc.  Since memory stick is a removable storage medium for a portable device, Sony digital cameras use memory sticks for storage image files.  With a memory stick capable reader, a user can copy the picture from the camera to the computer.  Memory sticks are used in digital music players, PDAs, cellular phones, portable play station and in other devices. 

Originally, the memory sticks were approximately of the size and thickness of a stick of a chewing gum with capacity varying from 4 MB to 128 MB.  Memory stick Select similar to 5.25 inches floppy disks has two separate 128 MB partition, which the user can switch between them using a switch on the card.   The memory sticks include a copy protection mechanism, which allows writing programs, and are called programmable memory sticks.  They are pink colored and are available in 8 MB and 16 MB versions.  

Memory stick is a removable flash memory card format comprising memory stick PRO, Memory stick duo and even smaller memory stick micro (M2). 

Memory Stick PRO:  Memory stick PRO would be a long lasting solution to the space problem. Memory stick PROs has a higher transfer speed and maximum capacity of 32 GB.

Memory Stick Duo: Memory Stick Duo is marginally smaller than SD (Secure Digital) format and approximately two thirds the length of the standard form factor.  Memory stick duos are available in the same variants as their larger ones and have a simple adaptor (often sold along with the Memory Stick Duo) thereby permitting the duo to be used in any device that can accept its larger cousins. 

The normal and PRO versions of memory stick duo are also used with PSP.  This, when inserted with memory stick slot, shows saved data, music pictures, videos and games.
Memory stick micro: The memory stick micro (M2) measures 15 x 12.5 x 1.2 mm – roughly around the size of a finger nail – with a theoretical limit of 32GB.  Maximum transfer speed is 160 M bit per second.  Like duo sticks, it comes with an adaptor to ensure compatibility with current PRO devices. 

In 2006, Sony added the memory stick PRO – HG, a high-speed variant of PRO, for high definition still and video cameras.

By Anonymous

5 Dollar Store Success Secrets

One of the challenges faced by those who own a dollar store is staying on track with the proven actions that have resulted in success for their business.  With all the different aspects of the business tugging at them for time and attention, for many the core success actions that were initiated during the dollar store start up soon drop by the wayside.  Don’t allow yourself to fall into the same trap with your dollar store business.  Stay focused on success.  Maintain the tried and true actions no matter how easy it might be to let them fade away.  In this article I present 5 dollar store success secrets that should always be supported.  These actions represent an important part of the entire success formula for your business.

#1) You must continually build dollar store sales volume for your business.  
When you own a dollar store it is important to establish sales goals for your store.  The first milestones should be established during your dollar store start up.  Then as one sales goal is achieved, new and higher goals need to be established.  Actions to achieve each of your sales goals must also be defined and implemented.

#2) Offer only quality dollar store merchandise in your store.  
While inferior dollar store merchandise might be available for lower dollar store cost of goods, the few pennies in lower price simply isn’t worth the decrease in sales you are likely to face.  Shoppers are looking for good quality at reasonable prices.  Offer a few name brand dollar store merchandise items spread throughout your store.  Then fill in the rest of the selection with good quality products.

#3) Focus on dollar store cost reduction from your dollar store start up onward.  Those who own a dollar store will be challenged to reduce dollar store costs for as long as they own their store.  Focus on payroll, rent and cost of goods sold first, as these typically represent your highest spending categories.  In fact the dollar store costs associated with dollar store merchandise will always be your best opportunity to really impact cost for your store.  

#4) Keep your shoppers happy.  
That will keep them coming back to your store.  They will return more frequently.  They will spend more while visiting.  This starts with the shopping atmosphere you create.  Next enters carrying the exact products your shoppers need and want.  Finally comes providing outstanding customer service to each and every person entering your store.

#5) Never allow the quality of customer service to diminish.  
When you own a dollar store make customer service the number one focus for every person working in your store.  Make sure to provide solid orientation and basic training regarding good customer service practices.  Then recognize and reward those who put their training to work for your business.

To your dollar store start up success!

By Anonymous

The USB Flash Drive – The Portable Storage Revolution

USB Flash Drives are common devices today, but not so long ago the term “flash drive” had never been heard, unless of course you were associating the term with a Ferrari. So where did the revolutionary USB Flash Drive derive? Well, set your mind back to 1995, it doesn’t seem so long ago. Believe it or not, most computer users were still regularly using floppy disks to transfer their digital data. In fact, virtually all computers had integrated floppy disk drives because floppy disks were by far the most popular, practical and cheapest format for portable storage. Also at that time, Zip disks and Jaz disks (both manufactured by Iomega) came on the market, but they were quite expensive. Zip disks could hold 100MB / 250MB of data, there were even 750MB disks in existence. Jaz disks offered 1GB capacity and later 2GB, but the highish price for both formats meant many computer users couldn’t justify the costs, nor did many computer users have the need to save and transfer large amounts of memory, unlike today. Zip disks and Jaz drives eventually faded out within just a few years of production, they were also bulky and accordingly the Jaz disk broke quite easily.

CD Rom’s had also entered the market, but they weren’t as popular for recording as the technology remained in its early stages. It wasn’t until the late 90′s that CD rewriting appeared on many, if not most, new computers. By the year 2000, rewritable CD’s had fast become as popular, if not more, than floppy disks. These convenient new writable CD’s were affordable, compact, held a substantial amount of data and took up little storage space.

By 2000, the demand for transferring large amounts of data increased dramatically, within a year or so large portable storage disks were necessary to not only companies, but for personal computer users as well. This is primarily due to the introduction of digital cameras, camcorders and downloaded audio files (very popular with internet users). People were now storing, collecting and transferring digital information far more than ever before. Computers were also becoming exceptionally affordable due to lower technology costs as well as the demand and desire for internet use. By early 2000, a huge percentage of households, if not most, would have a computer. 

As many of us have unfortunately experienced, computers have a life span. They can become painstakingly slow, annoyingly crash and even die very inconvenient deaths. People were now having to back up their systems regularly (and still do) in the fear of losing all their stored data. Businesses were also beginning to go paperless, their information was now being held on computer systems. This saved companies time, resources and storage space, it was however essential to back up their important data to avoid future problems.

Because of this, almost every computer was manufactured with the technology to read and write on to CDs and very soon after DVD rewritable disks took over. Large data storage and transfer ability was now a necessity more than a luxury. The reasons as to why floppy disks soon became redundant are no surprise. The average floppy disk held a mere 1.44MB of memory which is tiny when you consider that nowadays a single image taken on a digital camera usually exceeds this amount. Rewritable DVDs were cheap and could hold 4.7GB of data, it would take a staggering 3263 floppy disks to achieve this. CDs could hold an average 650MB, this would equate to 444 floppy disks. These comparative figures still amaze me today.

Around the year 2000, one of the latest things associated with computers (other than the internet) was the revolutionary USB “Universal Serial Bus”. Replacing the likes of most SCSI connection ports used to connect printers and other peripherals etc. USB ports were ground breaking. You didn’t need to be an expert to put your computer together, you simply plugged the USB connector cable in to the port and the other end of the cable into your device and off you went. No longer was it necessary to have a specific entry for your printer, mouse or keyboard as they could be operated from any available USB port. You could even plug in your digital camera and instantly access your photos via USB connection. Many USB devices didn’t even need an electrical power source or battery, low power could actually be supplied to the device by simply connecting the it to the port. Today people regularly charge their cell phones and MP3 players via USB, whilst working away on their computers. Nowadays, you can find USB ports not only on computers but also televisions, DVD players, audio players and even some car dashboards.

OK, so I’ve emphasized on how great USB “Universal Serial Bus” is and why the demand for portable storage has dramatically increased, but let’s focus this topic. A USB Flash Drive, is also known as memory stick, thumb drive and jump drive. It is a pocket sized device which is traditionally the size of a regular lighter and capable of carrying HUGE amounts of digital data (some can store a massive 256GB). In the early days (2002) USB Flash Drives weren’t cheap and even the smallest memory sizes were quite expensive. USB Flash Drives were however highly desirable because they could be plugged into any USB port without the need of a specific drive to read them. They were also robust, some can actually withstand getting wet and continue to work as good as new once dried (please don’t try this even though I have and it did actually work when dry). Not only were USB Flash Drives convenient and robust, they were easy to carry and had decent read and write speeds, many flash memory providers even claim that USB Flash Drives can be used over 1 million times.

Currently the most popular memory size for a Flash Drive is 2GB, however NAND Flash Memory has become more and more affordable as years and even months have gone by. A 2GB flash drive is plenty of storage for many users but trends are showing that 4GB and 8GB drives are fast becoming more popular, this is to do with lower pricing trends and the demand for more storage space as the digital revolution continues to grow.

USB Flash Drive format. The question is, what new found use is next for the revolutionary flash drive?

By Anonymous