Long Term Storage Tips and Solutions

Many people living in the United States have property in their homes that is never used but cannot be thrown away. This property includes collected items, gifts, inherited property, and much more. In many cases the property is in good condition, useful, or has some sort of sentimental value which means it cannot be thrown out. Initially keeping property in the home that is just for show or that cannot be thrown away causes no problems but, overtime, it can become an issue. When a large family has boxes full of items that cannot be thrown away their home can feel cluttered and unsightly. One way to cut down on the clutter without throwing away boxes of items is to invest in long term storage.

storage unit. Spraying bug killing spray will not hurt your things but you should never leave a flammable can of insecticide in your storage unit for later use.

If you notice a particularly bad outbreak of rodents or insects try to find out what is causing the trouble. In many cases food attracts insects and rodents so never store food if it can be helped. This means do not try to store canned preserves or anything else that might come undone. It is not hard for a jar to break or burst because of bad stacking and the spilled food will attract rodents and insects from all over.

After you have gotten rid of anything that caused a bad infestation it is time to start cleaning up the mess and getting rid of the new guests living in your storage unit. The fastest way to do this is by putting out traps and poison. Insect and rodent traps are extremely inexpensive and are a fast way to rid yourself of unwanted guests. Poison is another good way to get rid of troublesome rodents and insects when handled with care.

Having a storage unit can be an extremely efficient way to take care of storage problems at your home. Once you are comfortable with the idea of using storage units you will be able to take back your home and enjoy your free space.

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