Tips on Keeping Your Storage Unit Clean and Secure

Owning a storage unit. Always make sure that you clean your own belongings before bringing them into the clean storage unit. Failing to do this will lead to you tracking in the dirt and possibly insects that you were attempting to avoid. Bring the furniture into the storage unit first. Make sure it has been vacuumed and then drape plastic over it. From there stack all of your boxes and containers on top of the furniture. Keeping your boxes and containers off of the ground will make it harder for vermin to get into them. When you have successfully moved all of your belongings into your clean storage unit you must start worrying about keeping them there.

Even though it is always best to choose storage facility that offers security it is important to remember that you are partially responsible for the effectiveness of that security. This means that you should never do anything to compromise the safety and security of your belongings. Before placing your things into storage do your best to secure your boxes and containers with rope or tape. This will make it harder for casual intruders to snoop inside of your belongings. Also label your boxes obscurely since it will be harder for potential thieves to decide what box holds your underwear and which box holds your DVDs or collectables.

Always remember to padlock the storage unit with a lock they provide or you have purchased. Never forget to lock the unit since this absent mindedness could lead to another renter stealing items from your storage unit. Most importantly, never let anyone have the security code for a gated storage facility or borrow your key. Doing this will make it very hard to recover stolen property since a thief doing this will only have to insist that you gave them permission to be in your storage unit by giving them the key and access to the premises.

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