USB Pen Drive Manufacturers: Producing Reliable Storage Devices

There was a time when all computers were armed with floppy disk drives to help you copy data onto floppy disks and then use it on any other computer. However, you always had a tough time with them due to its storage limitations and restrictive usage. But now, the introduction of USB pen drives has replaced floppy disks and has put to rest your storage worries. In fact, the growing demand for such devices has prompted the USB pen drive manufacturers to bring out innovative forms of USB pen drives to suit the sensibilities of one and all.

What are USB Pen Drives?

USB pen drives, also known as USB flash drives, is a device that almost looks like a pen but provides a data storage capacity ranging from mere megabytes to several gigabytes. It is an external device that stores data, such as documents, photos, music files etc, and transfers such data from one computer to another. USB pen drives come in all shapes and sizes but their best feature is that they are lightweight, which makes them extremely portable and convenient to carry. And their plug and play feature has made its usage simpler. You just have to plug it into the USB port of your computer and you can start using the pen drive.

USB Pen Drive Manufacturers:

Today, you will find everyone equipped with a pen drive as handy and reliable data storage is a requirement for all. And that’s why you will see several USB pen drive manufacturers, local or international, producing different types of smart- and sleek-looking USB pen drives that make life simple. And the recent thrust on data security has compelled USB pen drive manufacturers to add password protection features in them.

Though you can purchase a USB flash drive from any electronic shop, a better way is to browse the Internet where you fill find the different types of pen drives advertised by the manufacturers. You can check the catalogs that provide the USB pen drive specifications and their respective prices and then decide the USB pen drive you want.

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Using Custom USB Drive for Promoting Your Company

USB drives are everywhere. For its high portability and low price, the flash drives are essential for anyone who uses computers. Therefore, it is one of the most widespread accessories and companies are taking the advantage of this popularity. In the past, there were trends in the companies promoting their products via key rings, pens, perfumes, etc. Promoting via these products has a shortcoming; they have a very limited life span. Even sometimes, many users will not even touch the branded products for once. That does not serve the purpose of promoting products. The case is completely different in case of custom USB drives. A custom USB memory cannot be easily neglected as easily as the branded pens or key rings.

A custom USB drive is not a very complicated thing. If you are the owner of a business, you can order from a company with the name and logo of your company printed on one or either side of the custom USB memory. Printing on both sides will of course cost you nearly double the money. There is also a matter of choice in choosing the form factor of the USB drive. You should choose a good form factor, which will have the printing on it more visible. If you do not choose such drive, the purpose of promoting your brand will fail. You should also remember about the quality of the USB drive you will be using to promote your brand. If you give the people a very cheap USB drive with a very limited lifespan, they will be very disappointed at the product and the brand name printed on it will be remembered by them with a negative impression which is of course not good for your business.

You should also decide about the storage of the custom USB drive. For mass distribution, you can choose between 2GB or 4GB, which is easily affordable. If you want to go high on budget and want to establish a premium image of your company, you can increase the storage of those USB drives. Till now, 256GB is the highest capacity of a USB drive though it is not suitable for any budget. However, you can also choose custom USB memory with different storage according to the users. For example, if your company produces different toys, you can order USB drives with small storage, but with colorful designs. On the other hand, if your target audiences are programmers, photographers, or some other professionals, you should consider higher storage for those custom USB memory drives.

Choosing the right company for this job is also a bit difficult. There are too many types of companies present with such service so much variation on expenditure and features. You will be just lost among them before you compare. Therefore, you need to decide first what your requirements are exactly and find a company that can ensure you on all those requirements. If you do it rightly, your promotional product will not only promote your brand, but also be a dependable and well-designed tool for working.

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Ride the Coattails of Your Neighbors when Opening a Dollar Store

Give me a break!  It’s hard enough opening a dollar store without paying attention to the neighboring businesses that surround you.  After all, every new store needs to quickly grow dollar store sale levels if they are to survive.  Every new store is also in a race to achieve dollar store profits as quickly as possible.  So who has the time to be looking and watching what everyone else is doing?  The smart dollar store owner is the one who is watching and investigating.  The smart dollar store business owner is the one who goes out and meets the neighbors and works to coordinate promotional efforts with them.

Initially after starting a dollar store business you will find your store is generating little traffic of its own.  Likely your dollar store sale levels are almost scary they are so low.  And your dollar store profits probably seem like the unachievable dream.  If you held a grand opening event there are likely a few shoppers coming back specifically because of your store.  Sure there will also be a few who notice your business as they are driving by.  However, initially a high percentage of your traffic is there simply because they do business with a close by retailer.  

Ride the coattails of your neighboring retail businesses?  Yes; that’s exactly what you should be doing when first opening a dollar store.  Select a few close-by companies that draw your target demographic and start looking for their advertising and promotions.  

Better yet work to gain access to the management of these retail operations and then ask about upcoming events.  Investigate actually coordinating sales and other events in the future.  No matter what, use these events as the opportunity for you to gain increased traffic to your store.  Of course, higher traffic will mean increased dollar store sale levels for your dollar store business.

When opening a dollar store use the promotions of local retailers as a means of making others aware your store exists.  Hold visible sidewalk sales in conjunction with their events.  Be sure there is a sign-holder standing and pointing the way to your store.  Above all be sure your employees are well trained and provide memorable customer service to the many first time shoppers who stop in to see your store.  Of course while they are in your store they will pick up a few items to purchase.  Your dollar store sales and your dollar store profits will both increase as a result.  Give it a try.

To your dollar store business success!

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5 Reasons to Move Forward Carefully when Changing into a Dollar Plus Store

One of the biggest challenges for those with a dollar store business making the decision to change the format of their existing $1 store to a dollar plus store.  Possibly their dollar store sale levels have tapered off a bit.  Their dollar store profits have also likely taken a beating. They feel they have taken cost reduction as far as possible.  So, they are looking to dollar plus as the solution to their problems.  However, it is important to proceed carefully.  Don’t jump right in without carefully considering the 5 reasons to move forward carefully.

#1) While your dollar store sales and dollar store profits might be screaming for you to make this change, proceed with caution.  Although on the surface, making a format change may seem like a slam-dunk decision.  If you can maintain the same dollar store sale levels, your dollar store profits will explode to new levels; at least on paper, it appears that way.  Yet this move takes thought, planning and careful action or it can have disastrous consequences to your dollar store business.

#2) Examine the marketplace.  How many dollar price-point retailers are close by your location?  Are their big national companies still at the dollar price point located near your dollar store business?  If there are still sources of dollar price point merchandise close to your store, expect many of your shoppers to take simply their buying to those store.  That will be even truer if you have built yourself into a destination shopping point.  After all, even though your shoppers like your store, they can change and save money.  

#3) Prepare for an aggressive marketing campaign.  In many ways changing to dollar plus is like starting over again.  The decrease in shoppers and dollar store sales may be shocking.  Don’t sit back and wait for the recovery, start aggressively marketing your business.  Advertising should be preplanned.  Advertising costs should be built into your format change planning.

#4) Provide time for your current dollar store business shoppers to understand the format change to dollar plus store is coming in the near future.  While there are cases where waiting and then changing over without announcing or even informing your existing customers, there are many other cases where the best way to handle this transition is to break the news well in advance of the change.  Start with subtle communication and then let it build.   

#5) Avoid instantly changing the prices of all dollar store merchandise that was sold previously for $1.  Many of your existing customers have grown to count on you to meet their needs and wants at only $1.  They will try to continue shopping with you, but for many the trip a few blocks down the street to still purchase those necessities at $1 will be worth it if you change too much too quickly.

The good news for those who transition their dollar store business from $1 to dollar plus store is the total number of transactions required to achieve the same dollar-store sale levels is decreased.  Yet the better you do at successfully transitioning your current shoppers to your new format the faster you will match and then exceed previous sales levers.  The same holds true for dollar store profits.

To your dollar plus store success!

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Different Types of Boat Storage

There are many different types of long term storage, but also want maintenance done as you are not machine savvy, you may wish to choose a maintenance storage option that will keep your boat in top condition. These cost more but are well worth it especially if you do not want to trouble yourself on the maintenance.

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How to Achieve your Ever-Increasing Dollar Store Sale Goals

For those who own a dollar store, there is the very real necessity to build dollar-store sale levels for their store continually.  While this is certainly something most storeowners realize, many are at a loss about what exactly needs to be done to achieve this important goal.  They don’t realize achieving ever-higher sales requires an infrastructure that is capable of supporting the anticipated new level of sales.  Among the requirements are appropriate adjustments to dollar-store merchandise levels, staffing, hours of operation, and more to be examined.  Read on for tactics to generate the ever-increasing sales for your dollar store business.  

Retain existing shoppers.  

When you own a dollar store, start by carrying all of the day-to-day necessities and consumables your customer’s routinely need.  Make sure this dollar store merchandise is always in stock and waiting when they come into your dollar store business.  Don’t allow growing dollar store sales to become an excuse for running out.  Add inventory to support your sales of these items.  Provide outstanding customer service to every person entering your store.  Have the impulse and hot sellers your existing shoppers routinely seek.  Don’t forget to carry a good selection of snacks, soft drinks and candy as well.

Increase daily traffic to the store.  

When you own a dollar store, it is important to build continually the traffic levels of your store.  Bringing new shoppers into your store starts by informing them your store exists.  One of the fastest ways to get the word out is to advertise.  Newspaper ads, radio ads, and television ads all combine to provide a massive combined audience with the news your store is ready to serve.  Be sure your ads are written to appeal to your target customer demographic.  Always remember shoppers need to see, hear, and read about your store and why it is the right place for them to shop many times before they will actually take action to come in and see for themselves.  Long-term, your existing shoppers will also get the word out for you as well.

Make everyone want to come back more frequently.

Add variety and excitement to your store.  This starts with the daily necessities.  However, there is more.  Conduct special events.  You can align some with major holidays or seasons of the year.  You can focus other events on your shoppers and their families, as well as your store.  These include events such as anniversary celebrations for your dollar store business, special buys you’ve made, and more.  Make things even more exciting by continually adding one-time deals that provides merchandise retailing for much more than a dollar for only a dollar.  Be the first store to bring in merchandise aligned to the newest movies or crazes.

When you own a dollar store, it does take focused effort to keep your dollar store sales growing.  However, by properly focusing on carrying the right dollar store merchandise as well as creating an exciting store environment, you are on your way.  Use some of the old standbys like newspaper, television or radio to bring in new shoppers.  Of course, this requires an advertising budget based on dollar store sale levels for your dollar store business.  However, taking this long-term approach can pay big dividends.

To your success when you own a dollar store!

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Tactics to Achieve Dollar Store Profits from your New Smaller Store

There was a time when those starting a dollar store could almost place store size as a secondary consideration.  With higher dollar store profits possible in years gone by, it was very reasonable for a person to open an extremely small store and make a comfortable living.  But as the years have passed, the costs associated with the dollar store business world have changed significantly.  Everything from dollar store merchandise and freight to payroll and rent or lease expenses have climbed significantly.  Yet for many small store owners the profits have not kept up.

The result of this formula is lower dollar store profits, even for the very best of store owners.  Fortunately there are some steps that can help to offset this in-balance.  If you are starting a dollar store examine these powerful tactics before making your final decisions.  They can help you achieve the success, sales and the profits you seek.

Tactic #1) Examine increasing the size of your dollar store business.  While some may still encourage you to open a smaller store, the day of making an overwhelming success out of a 1,000 square foot store with ease have been replaced by growing store size, and better management requirements.  Sure, it can still be done.  However it requires a good manager.  If you are starting a dollar store this does not mean you must open a 10,000 square foot store.  It does mean you need to seriously examine store size as a key factor however.

Tactic #2) Maximize sales for the size of your store.  No matter what the size of your store, the day of 4-foot tall fixtures, lots of open, unused space, and partially filled shelves are gone.  Maximize the sales and your dollar store profits by filling your store with hot selling, in-demand products.  Don’t allow portions of the sales floor to remain without dollar store merchandise displayed.  Never allow displays to look half-filled.  Start thinking about options to grow the height of displays of dollar store merchandise in your store.  The goal is not to create a dark and dingy store with row after row stacked clear to the ceiling.  However a fully stocked store will provide the opportunity to add to sales.

Tactic #3) Reduce waste in your dollar store business.  Buy used fixtures when starting a dollar store.  Do the same with basic equipment such as pallet jacks.  There is no need to buy new.  With so many retailers reducing or going out of business permanently there is an abundance of gently used store fixtures and equipment just a waiting a new home.  

Tactic #4) Do it yourself.  Don’t adopt the philosophy that you don’t have experience starting a dollar store so you can’t do anything.  Assume all of the roles possible to reduce your start-up costs.  Get the help you need where it is required.  However there are many tasks such as assembling gondolas and stocking shelves that require minimal training.  

Tactic #5) Negotiate for the best prices possible on everything.  Don’t accept pricing as it presented to you.  Ask about discounts and freight caps on dollar store merchandise.  Do everything possible to cut costs and build dollar store profits for your dollar store business.

To your dollar store business success!

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An Ideal Corporate Branding Solution-usb Flash Drives

Promotional USB Flash drives are being increasingly used as a marketing tool to build brand awareness and distribute important data relating to an organizations product or service. Within a share usage IT environment, Promotional USB Flash drives are the ideal personal data storage device for both students and academics alike. Colleges are increasingly turning to electronic format rather than print media and the USB Flash drive offers an ideal solution as it reduces print costs and distributes information on a practical personal storage device which can be used by the student or staff member, on campus, throughout the academic year.

The advances in flash memory technology have enabled manufacturers to bring small, discrete storage products to the market which can store massive amounts of business and personal data. As USB ports have become the standard interface on desktop PCs, the Promotional USB flash drive has become the portable storage solution of choice. With no drivers required, it enables users to have access to their data anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

In an endeavor to reduce calls to the help desk, Campus IT departments encourage new student entrants, within their first few weeks on site, to attend training programs on the college IT systems within the first few weeks on site. The incentive is a gift of a Branded USB Memory Sticks, which can be used by the student as a practical, personal storage device throughout the academic year. There is a clear payback in the reduction of user support calls to IT in the peak periods during the first 1-2 months of a new semester.

Information sharing and Knowledge transfer is a core objective for Corporations who embark on focused seminars and business conferences. Host organizations are putting their best foot forward in terms of brand building, presentation and developing business opportunities.

Trends in recent years have prompted Marketing departments to use branded USB flash drives as a powerful marketing tool to distribute information data files, whilst helping to build their organizational brand. The majority of the business in now dedicated to customizing each USB flash drive to individual client requirements. Customization includes logo printing, pre-loading data files, customized packaging and branded lanyards. is an Ireland’s largest supplier of standard and custom flash memory devices/USB flash drives, Custom Flash drives and Custom Pen drives. Over the past few years, there has been an enormous rise in the volume of business and personal data which people want to retain. Whether it is music, video or data files; users require ready access to this data; anytime, anyplace, anywhere. When a high capacity, pocket size, portable storage solution is required, then custom USB flash drives are the ideal solution

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Portable USB drives have become a cheap data carrier solution,

Flash memory data storage devices of portable USB drives represent the modern alternative to floppy disks. Small, lightweight and with a high storage capacity, portable USB drives make possible the the transport and transfer of videos, movies, documents or photos between computers rapidly and efficiently. The advantages of portable USB drives are superior to the rest of portable storage devices and here we point to compact discs and floppy discs alike. All computer operating systems are compatible with the flash cards, from Windows and Mac OS X to Linux. In terms of technical design, the core of portable USB drives consists of a small printed circuit board protected by a plastic, rubber or metal cover.

Portable Usb Drivers have become an inexpensive data carrier solution, and the average user already considers such a device a piece of highly efficient hardware. With the right technology, a memory flash card can serve as a backup medium in point-of-sale systems. Reliability and resistance, these are two other inherent features of portable USB drives that we should mention before concluding. Pretty different from hard drives, memory flash cards are not fragile and use very little power. All you need to be careful with is not to misplace or leave behind the device that can be easily lost because of the small size.

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Your Options in USB External Hard Drives

When speaking of computer technology, there is one aspect that is almost impossible to overlook. It has become so commonplace that it has been accepted as the norm. This is USB technology, a method designed to allow peripheral devices to connect seamlessly with desktop computers and laptops. In fact, this technology has become so widespread that many people do not remember a time before USB was available. However, in order to understand the changes in this connection technology, as well as new developments on the horizon, it is important to delve into the history of computer connectivity.

Ancient History

Once upon a time, peripheral devices (mice, keyboards, storage devices, printers, etc.) all connected to a computer in different ways. Keyboards connected with a round connector, as did mice. Printers used an LPT (parallel) connector. Each of these had to have a connection spot on the back of a computer. In addition, each had to have its own card seated in a slot on the motherboard.

One of the more immediate problems created by these different types of connectors was the fact that there was really no standard means of connecting different peripherals. This meant pain and frustration for computer users, as well as difficulty in finding the right peripherals for their machines.

Another problem here was a lack of transfer speed for data from a peripheral to the host computer. Consider digital cameras for instance. As these devices became more commonplace, the need to transfer image data from the camera to the computer in a timely manner became more acute. The same can be said for modern printers and other peripheral devices.

The Beginning of A New Era

In 1996, things began to change. This marked the debut of USB 1.0. While the original USB technology wasn’t particularly fast, it did offer some benefits. It allowed numerous types of peripherals to connect to a computer via the same type of connection. This replaced a host of serial and parallel ports on the computer, helping to lead to a more streamlined, functional device.

Of course, USB 1.0 didn’t last very long. In fact, in 1998, USB 1.1 appeared, which offered enhanced data transfer speeds. Over time, this connection type became the standard for a vast variety of peripheral devices. Consider for a moment the number of devices that you connect to your PC or laptop with a USB cord. You might connect your cell phone, your mouse, your keyboard, an external hard drive or a monitor. Almost anything can be connected via this method in the modern world.

However, one of the most important developments that USB enabled was that of modern mass storage. You are not doubt familiar with thumb drives, but external hard drives have made use of this technology for a long time, as well. This is an important evolution in the technology world, as it has provided consumers around the world with a simple, easy means of storing their data securely, in a portable device.

The Advent of USB 2.0

April 2000 marked another milestone in USB technology. This was the release of USB 2.0. Compared to USB 1.0, the new generation offered numerous advantages to consumers. However, one of the most important was an increase in data transfer speeds.

Older 1.0 applications were limited to 1.5 MB/s. However, USB 2.0 was capable of delivering (theoretically) speeds of up to 480 MB/s. Of course, this was not exactly accurate, as much of the speed was lost in overhead communications between the USB controller and the host computer. However, there was a significant amount of speed gained with the new technology.

As USB 2.0 matured, more and more devices began to make use of the technology. While USB 1.0 laid the groundwork for this evolution, the new generation saw it come to fruition. In fact, during the reign of the second generation, it seemed like almost any peripheral a consumer could need was available with this connection type. This was most obvious in the number of external hard drives that became available with it. In fact, 2.0 remains the industry standard to this day, though things are beginning to change once again.

The Future of USB Technology

In 2008, a new USB technology was developed. USB 3.0 was announced by the industry. However, it was not until early 2010 that the first consumer devices were developed that made use of this new technology. What does this mean for consumers? What differences exist between the two types of USB technology?

First, because USB 3.0 is still quite new, there are numerous computers on the market that do not have the capabilities to use it. For instance, a laptop manufactured in late 2009 would still have USB 2.0 connectivity. However, most manufacturers began offering USB 3.0 connections on their devices built during the late first quarter of 2010. Of course, this technology is backward compatible with older computers, but in order to realize all the benefits offered by this new development, the host computer, the cable and the peripheral device must all be USB 3.0 compliant. What benefits can be found here?

The first benefit is a dramatic increase in data transfer speed. Where USB 2.0 offered 480 MB/s, the new generation offers a raw throughput rate of 4 GB/s. This is an incredible increase in transfer speed, and was designed to help with high-definition multimedia files, as well as better backup speeds for external hard drives and other mass media storage devices.

Another benefit found with USB 3.0 is the fact that it allows two-way communication. In older applications, all communication had to be initiated by the host computer. However, with 3.0 technology, the peripheral can initiate communication with the host computer.

An important note about the newest version of USB technology is the fact that it challenges eSATA connection types. For some users and manufacturers, eSATA has become the best option, but new USB technology promises to challenge this with comparable data transfer speeds, as well as wider applicability. In short, more devices can use USB 3.0 than eSATA connections, including external hard drives, TVs, Blu-Ray players and numerous other options.

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