An Ideal Corporate Branding Solution-usb Flash Drives

Promotional USB Flash drives are being increasingly used as a marketing tool to build brand awareness and distribute important data relating to an organizations product or service. Within a share usage IT environment, Promotional USB Flash drives are the ideal personal data storage device for both students and academics alike. Colleges are increasingly turning to electronic format rather than print media and the USB Flash drive offers an ideal solution as it reduces print costs and distributes information on a practical personal storage device which can be used by the student or staff member, on campus, throughout the academic year.

The advances in flash memory technology have enabled manufacturers to bring small, discrete storage products to the market which can store massive amounts of business and personal data. As USB ports have become the standard interface on desktop PCs, the Promotional USB flash drive has become the portable storage solution of choice. With no drivers required, it enables users to have access to their data anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

In an endeavor to reduce calls to the help desk, Campus IT departments encourage new student entrants, within their first few weeks on site, to attend training programs on the college IT systems within the first few weeks on site. The incentive is a gift of a Branded USB Memory Sticks, which can be used by the student as a practical, personal storage device throughout the academic year. There is a clear payback in the reduction of user support calls to IT in the peak periods during the first 1-2 months of a new semester.

Information sharing and Knowledge transfer is a core objective for Corporations who embark on focused seminars and business conferences. Host organizations are putting their best foot forward in terms of brand building, presentation and developing business opportunities.

Trends in recent years have prompted Marketing departments to use branded USB flash drives as a powerful marketing tool to distribute information data files, whilst helping to build their organizational brand. The majority of the business in now dedicated to customizing each USB flash drive to individual client requirements. Customization includes logo printing, pre-loading data files, customized packaging and branded lanyards. is an Ireland’s largest supplier of standard and custom flash memory devices/USB flash drives, Custom Flash drives and Custom Pen drives. Over the past few years, there has been an enormous rise in the volume of business and personal data which people want to retain. Whether it is music, video or data files; users require ready access to this data; anytime, anyplace, anywhere. When a high capacity, pocket size, portable storage solution is required, then custom USB flash drives are the ideal solution

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