4 Ways To Quickly Learn About Starting A Dollar Store

For most who are starting a dollar store it is critical to get the store up and running as quickly as possible.  In some cases this is driven by the excitement of opening a new business.  However in all cases there is also the very real fact that the longer it takes to open your store once a lease has been signed, the greater the cost to you.  And every extra dollar spent before the store actually opens is one less dollar available for inventory, sales growth or safety reserve funds.

#1) Complete a thorough dollar store business plan.

The very process of creating your own dollar store business plan will force you to collect valid information.  Since your dollar store business plan covers all of the most important aspects of your business you will have the fundamentals for success at your fingertips.  And you learned all about the dollar store business world too. Whether you use it as a learning tool or not, having a well written dollar store business plan is a crucial step toward success.

#2) Read and study everything you can find written about dollar stores.

A well written book or an article written by a dollar store expert can be an excellent source of information.  So start reading; a few quick online searches will provide many good options for your consideration.  Then start reading.

#3) Capitalize on the knowledge of seasoned experts

One of the best ways to learn is by locating and working with a dollar store expert.  In addition to reading books and articles your expert has written you can also use your expert as a resource throughout the preparation and to actually help in starting a dollar store.  Some dollar store experts provide seminars and training sessions as well.

#4) Interview owners and managers of existing stores

Another group of dollar store experts are actual store owners.  Many will be unwilling to spend much time sharing knowledge that took them years to learn.  Others will be more than willing to share tips and tricks.  Often they will know of others who can help you start a dollar store as well.

No matter what source you use to learn more about the world of dollar stores, be sure you do take the time to learn.  Be fully prepared before you begin the work of preparing, opening and then growing your dollar store business.

To your success when starting a dollar store!

By Anonymous

Changing your Dollar Store Format is a Major Project

Those opening a dollar store often select a format for their store without understanding all the consequences.  For example they may be opening a dollar store with a dollar price point format and then find the tight profit margins are extremely difficult to handle.  Yet making the decision to move to dollar plus store format isn’t accomplished as easily as most might think.  It takes planning, marketing and money to make a successful major format change in the majority of situations.  You must prepare your store, your employees and your customers to handle the change.  In this article I will present 5 of the key actions to take if you thinking about changing the format of your dollar store.

· Know your competition.  Knowing the competition is an important requirement for those opening a dollar store.  It is just as important when changing your format.  Your new format positions you differently in the marketplace, and your existing competitors take on a new meaning to your business.  Aggressive dollar price point stores will become a magnet to your existing customers when it comes to the core dollar store merchandise they must have.  Other businesses that weren’t previously competition will all of a sudden assume that role.  Know your competition.  Know the dollar store merchandise and the dollar plus merchandise they carry.  Know their strengths and weaknesses.

· Treat the format change like you are opening a new business.  Basically that is exactly what you are doing.  Where shoppers could previously select any of the dollar store merchandise in your store and know it would cost $1.00 or less, that is no longer the case.  Assumptions about your decision will abound.  Some will assume you are just making more dollar store profits at their expense.  Others will be upset at the impact this has on their budget.  Still others will simply make the move to a local competitor with a store selling the dollar store merchandise they seek the dollar price point.

· Establish a comprehensive project plan for your dollar plus store format change.  Changing format to a dollar plus store is a major undertaking.  While all the steps required when first opening a dollar store may not be included, don’t underestimate the work involved.  You will be locating some new dollar store suppliers.  You will undertake a new marketing program.  This is a major project that requires a documented plan of action.  Track each of the actions to completion.

· Establish a ‘Grand Re-Opening’ date for your dollar plus store.  This is your target for the entire transformation to be complete.  With a date set, start planning the event itself.  Just as your original grand opening was geared to let the community know about your dollar store, this event is to get the word out about your dollar plus store format change and all the benefits it will offer.  Make the event exciting, and work again to attract as many prospective shoppers as possible.

· Invest in advertising and promotion to build your new business to profitability.  It will take a well-planned marketing effort to successfully build sales and profits for your new business.  Invest in advertising and promotional campaigns to make it happen.  Make sure you remain competitively priced with your local competition.  Leave some of the most popular dollar store merchandise at the dollar price point if possible.  Build traffic and your sales will follow.

To your success when opening a dollar store!

By Anonymous

There is no Choice ? You Must Carry the Right Dollar Store Merchandise

Those who know how to start a dollar store realize in today’s marketplace dollar store shoppers are well informed about the potential products every dollar store can carry.  These savvy shoppers know much of the dollar store merchandise you have available to purchase from your dollar store suppliers.  Specifically, they know the merchandise that’s available to meet their core everyday needs and wants.  They are also always looking for high-quality items at great bargains.  In this article I present examples of the merchandise every successful dollar store must have in-stock and on display.

Those who know how to start a dollar store realize it all starts by carrying the core dollar store merchandise your shoppers need and must have to meet their daily needs.  These items rarely come with high profit margins so many store owners fall to the temptation and don’t stock all of the items.  Since many of the major dollar stores do carry these items, this is an invitation for your shoppers to go elsewhere.  Once your regular shoppers see the big selection of items available, many will be lost to your competitors forever.

Don’t ever forget to add special purchases and limited quantity items to keep things interesting for your shoppers.  In many cases the best way to obtain these bargains is to continually let your primary dollar store suppliers know you are looking for their overstocks, package changes and closeout dollar store merchandise.  Not only will these items create more interest and added sales, but often these items will come with lower dollar store costs to you.  That means higher profits.

Build the size of sales by adding complementary products in all core areas.  Look to your general merchandise dollar store suppliers for these complementary products.  For example, toothpaste might be a core item in your store.  Adding toothbrushes, mouthwash and dental floss as complementary products will help build sales.  The same can be done with paper products – add paper towel holders for example.  Those who know how to start a dollar store invest the time to repeat this process until complementary items are available throughout their stores. 

Shop your dollar store general merchandise supplier for sales and discounts.  Those who know how to start a dollar know there will often be special trade show pricing on merchandise as well.  The result is they make it a practice to attend one or two of the better trade shows every year.  In other cases dollar store suppliers may offer monthly specials on a selection of items.  Always stock up on in-demand core products you know you can always sell quickly when they are on sale.  Add a few specially priced items you don’t normally carry to add to shopper excitement.

To your success as you discover how to start a dollar store!

By Anonymous

External Hard drives and data storage

Data management includes the storage and transportability of software and databases for archival use, off-site protection of backup sets, and transfer of data via common carrier or courier from one device to another. The stress and potential of damage from mishandling, abuse or negligence, has mandated a requirement for shock-tolerant, robust and reliable solid state alternatives to magnetic or optical media storage options. 

Constant improvement in the production and manufacture of solid state devices has proven to be a boon to the computer and communications industry, resulting in a win-win scenario for both vendors and users. Wide selection and heavy competition have made this technology available at superlative price points with relatively narrow profit margins mitigated by high volume distribution. 

MicroSD memory 

The relentless advance in the technology of modern portable computer and communications devices has created the necessity of portable data storage that is functional, efficient and inexpensive. A number of hardware solutions have been developed to satisfy these requirements as well as fulfilling the need for platform independence. Today, a microSD memory card can be directly ported from a cellphone, to a PDA, to a notepad, laptop, or desktop computer with ease. In many cases, reasonably priced adapters are readily available to compensate for various form factor differences or accommodate older technology. Typically, a SanDisk microSD card comes with a full-sized SD adapter included at no additional cost, resulting in cost savings realized from eliminating the necessity of replacing an otherwise satisfactory computer or similar device due to memory advancements. 

Solid State Drives 

Solid State Drives (SSD) are available in a variety of storage capacities, form factors, and enclosures for internal or external auxiliary devices. For example, the current generation SanDisk SSD is configured for internal mounting using SATA standard plug compatibility or it can be housed in an external hard drive enclosure with USB, Firewire, or similar connexion options. Typical applications include the replacement of magnetic disk drives or used as high-speed boot drives. They are also popular as supplemental storage, usually configured as an external hard drive for ease in data transport and transfer. 

Data security is integral to the device – for example, Digital Rights Management (DRM) – or as an element of a layered high security system which incorporates the latest digital encryption algorithms and implementations, such as AES, RSA and others. 

USB Memory 

USB memory sticks – commonly known as “thumb drives” – are still very popular as portable media. They have become almost ubiquitous: seen on key chains, ID necklaces and even featured as a “special purpose blade” (detachable) on the latest Swiss Army knives. 

Memory sticks with USB interfaces are available in a variety of form factors. When used in conjunction with an appropriate adapter, virtually any data storage card can be pressed into service as a USB memory stick. 

There is no excuse for catastrophe resulting from accidental or incidental data loss. External disk drives, USB memory sticks and SD secure data devices are available, affordable and accessible solutions necessary for truly effective data management.

By Anonymous

Customer Turnoffs When Opening a Dollar Store

In today’s competitive marketplace it is important for those opening a dollar store to recognize what they must do to maximize dollar store sales for their store.  Equally important is to recognize the mistakes that can ruin sales.  In many cases mistakes aren’t only about losing a sale or two.  They may well result in the permanent loss of customers.  Even worse is the negative word-of-mouth advertising that follow bad shopping experiences.   In this article I present some of the biggest customer turnoffs to avoid when opening your store.  It is important to make sure none of these turn-offs exist in your store.

· Hidden, poorly-signed location.

Second and third tier locations are very difficult to operate in today’s economic environment.  Make sure you invest the right amount of time to find the best possible location for your business.  Check traffic counts, demographics of households in the surrounding area, local businesses, ease of entrance and egress from the parking area, the amount of adequate and convenient parking, costs, and all other critical considerations.  Don’t forget to carefully examine sign options at entrances and on the store exterior.

· A dark, dingy store.

There’s nothing that makes as bad an impression as a poorly-lit store with shadows in every corner.  Both insufficient artificial lighting and poor choices of paint colors contribute to this problem.  Not only is this a customer turn-off, but it is also puts a damper on dollar store sales for your store.  After all, it is hard to make a buying decision when it is difficult to see the dollar store merchandise you are considering.

· Old, worn, stained floor covering and ceilings.

Just as the color selections you make for the walls of your store help to establish the shopping environment, so too do the floors and ceilings.  Ceilings with water-damaged, stained or broken ceiling tile detract from the overall shopping environment and mood.  Floors with broken or missing tiles, stained carpets or an overall worn-out look are also a negative.

· Store set-up and traffic patterns.

When opening a dollar store it is important to establish a logical traffic flow for your shoppers.  The arrangement of departments needs to make sense as well.  Don’t end up with dead-end aisles or blind corners.  Make it easy for shoppers to locate and examine the dollar store merchandise you carry.  Create wide aisles without wasting valuable dollar store sales area.  Yet make it easy for shoppers to stop and examine the items without hindering the movement of others.

· Wrong dollar store merchandise.

To build dollar store sales it is important to carry the dollar store merchandise your shoppers must have on a routine basis.  Always have these items in stock and ready when your shoppers enter your store.  Avoid tying up money in merchandise that doesn’t sell.  In addition to the core products to meet shopper needs, add hot, new selling items to the mix.

To your success when opening a dollar store!

By Anonymous

Introduction to Cloud Storage Providers

Storing your company data on hard drive alone holds potential risks to security of data given that hardware failures are very common and can lead to data loss. One of the popular alternatives to in-house data storage and backup is using cloud storage services. It allows companies to store data outside their data centers on cloud storage provider’s shared infrastructure. Cloud storage is usually embraced by organizations that can no longer handle the raising costs and complexities involved with the in-house storage provisioning.

Cloud Storage Benefits:

The pay-per-use model of cloud storage services brings significant savings for a company.
Easy to use and to manage storage solution.
Offers increased flexibility and scalability in terms of capacity and performance.
Improved data accessibility makes cloud storage attractive to businesses as the cloud enables authorized company personnel to obtain the data from anywhere simply by logging onto the server.
Enables file collaboration and sharing

How secure is data stored in the cloud?

Given the current hype around all the services labeled as “cloud services” and the avalanche of studies and articles written to warn users about the uncertain security of data in the cloud, many companies are still skeptical about using cloud storage. The importance of data security surely cannot be stressed enough, but the reality is that established cloud storage vendors leverage the most sophisticated high-end security measures to protect the users’ data and this level of security is usually very difficult to achieve with in-house storage.

What is ideal for cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a perfect fit for companies that have unpredictable storage demands. It is also a compelling solution for companies that have storage requirements such as file archiving, backup storage, or a need for online document collaboration or content distribution.

Cloud Storage Providers

Evaluating cloud storage providers and the quality of their services can be difficult. There are many cloud storage providers out there and it is important to find a provider with a proven track record of reliability that can respond to all your storage requirements and keep your data safe. Here we will highlight the most trusted cloud storage vendors in the market and provide a short overview of their services that can be a good starting point for your search for the right cloud storage provider.

1. Box.net

Box.net was founded in 2005 and since then has been serving SMBs and large companies alike providing them with a simple and secure cloud storage solution. Besides being a cloud storage service, Box enables content collaboration allowing employees within a company to easily upload and share files using Box cloud content management platform. This feature is very useful for companies that have offices in multiple locations making it easy for geographically dispersed employees to work together on a project. It costs $15 per user for a month of service and receive 256-bit encryption, reporting, full-text search, a 2GB file size limit, and 15GB of storage per user.

2. DropBox

Live Mesh is Microsoft’s free cloud storage service that provides users with 5GB of online storage. Once you create a Live Mesh account you can log in through Windows Live ID login. The service supports upload of all types of files but currently does not allow for file editing through the online desktop. Live Mash is soon to be replaced by Windows Live Mesh 2011 that will have additional features.

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Choosing the Right San Diego Self Storage Option for Your Needs

Storage units in San Diego can be of great help in different phases of life. You can safely keep your belongings at a secured place and have more space in your home. There are several reasons for hiring a storage facility, like creating space in home, securing your valuables from theft or robbery, making a move to another place, etc. But what is important is the type of facility you hire. Here are some points to consider while choosing www.savonstorage.com

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USB hard drive ? Think before you invest

The storage needs of individuals are increasing by the day and this has resulted in the burgeoning growth of the storage industry and with this the competition has also increased leading to slash in the price of external hard drive. External hard drives can be either driven by eSATA, FireWire or USB. Of the three connection types, USB is considered to be popular because it is easily available and most computers support USB devices. Using USB hard drive you can keep your data from the prying eyes of the hackers. The device has become common that almost all computer users own this device for creating backup and sharing. Since there are number of brands available in the market it is important that the customer makes an educated choice.

While considering buying an USB hard drive, apart from price other factors have to be considered, the foremost among them is the brand. Manufacturers big or small aim at providing quality products to the customers and each one follow their own marketing strategies to bring the product to the customers. The customer instead of concentrating on marketing gimmicks should look at the features that the manufacturer offers. It is a common phenomenon worldwide that unbranded products offer higher storage capacity and whole lot of additional features when compared to branded products. It is alright to buy unbranded products but since it does not come with manufacturer’s warranty and after sales services the customers should be careful while making a decision.

The size of the hard drive is vital while selecting an USB hard drive. It is best to pick the largest size but again there are budget restrictions and all the time the capacity keeps expanding with improvement in technology. Keeping your budget in mind it is advised to pick a USB HDD. Though, a size higher than your requirement would be a wise decision. If you are looking for taking backups of music, video and graphic files then opt for a huge capacity instead of being disappointed after buying the product. Various capacities ranging from 160 GB to 16 TB are available.

The transfer speed depends on how quickly the hard drive operates. The transfer time has to be kept in mind while selecting a USB HDD. Meaning, the seek time should be around 10 milliseconds. The buffer size is nothing but a temporary storage for files that are held until it is transferred onto the disk, this is called internal memory. The minimum buffer size should be 4MB. Next aspect to keep in mind while considering transfer speed is Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). The minimum speed count is 5400 RPM and the maximum is 7200 RPM. If all these factors are satisfactory and according to your storage needs then make a quick decision.

By Anonymous

Getting Progressive With branded USB Flash Drives

branded USB thumb generate is turning out to be one particular of the most well-known items that are getting gifted by different organizations these days. Everyone who employs laptop or computer technique desires to compulsorily have it. This minor instrument is a basic and moveable memory storage machine, which can keep significant quantities of info and can be quickly carried in the pockets.

The before variations of moveable storage devises like the floppy push had constraints of currently being cumbersome and with small storage capability. USB flash generate has conquer this kind of restrictions in a large way. These storage drives are utilized by individuals globally, as they are transportable and extensively utilized in storing numerous issues apart from data. To mention a couple of, individuals use them for saving photos, audio and videos as nicely. Therefore, this small gadget is strategically utilized as promotional item.

This small item can successfully market your company if utilized as promotional merchandise, particularly since of its sturdiness, portability, and not to overlook its ability to retailer virtually anything at all. Given that the branded flash drives do not comprise any shifting elements other than a compactly packed chip, the corruption of information gets to be virtually out of problem.

In watch of its top quality and sturdiness, the USB drives have really extended shelf lifestyle, which indicates that they would advertise your company with a onetime investment. Whilst choosing a bespoke flash generate as promotional materials, it is crucial to select an item that suits your company. The clients will definitely enjoy you and your company each and every time they use it.

Constantly estimate your shelling out finances ahead of getting promotional resources. The custom USB memory drives could be the very last point the firms would consider of supplying as promotional things, due to the fact they are a minor expensive when as opposed to other promotional things like pens and pencils. You could even so take into account acquiring them for wholesale prices. Do your research, find out what the promotional company has to recommend, and finalize on an agreement that is most beneficial for your business.

It is always better to buy promotional thumb drives for their obvious usefulness. This will certainly help you in gaining the appreciation of your customers as this will enable them to store more data, music and pictures. Appreciation from your customers would lead to more business for your company.

promotional thumb drives have very less space to print the logo or name of your company. Hence, choose a USB drive with the aim of grabbing the attention of your prospective customers in the direction of your company. Discover an eye-catching and stylishly created USB generate. USB drives with sturdiness and styles reflecting your company will maintain reminding your clients about you.

bespoke flash memory drives are turning into an apparent choice for champion promotional ad campaigners. Apart from providing away these flash drives on regular basis, the very best locations to distribute them are business events and trade shows where people can see your generous gestures. These promotional products are the hottest in the market at the moment, and you don’t have to worry about them getting outdated.

Additional two being novel and cheap, USB memory drives are safe and eco-friendly as properly, and they can be employed day in and day out without having any use and tear. As a result, branded USB memory drives are amazing alternatives for productive promotional campaigns.

branded usb

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Is Starting a Dollar Store the Ideal Business Opportunity?

If you are considering a dollar store business, there are some critical steps to take before moving forward.  These steps are designed to help you assess whether this is the right business for you.  First you should complete some basic research into the operational aspects of opening a dollar store.  For example, most stores are open long hours; often from morning until evening, seven-days per week.  These same stores are often open many of the major holidays when most businesses are closed.  There are also significant dollar store costs associated with getting your business up and running.  Then of course you will need funding to carry your dollar store costs until you achieve dollar store profits.   Read on as I present part 1 of a 2 part article about the requirements of owning a dollar store.

#1) Long hours.
As noted above those starting a dollar store face the reality of retail hours.  Once your store is up, running smoothly, sale levels are building and you are generating solid dollar store profits you may be able to consider backing off on your involvement in off-hours like evenings and weekends.  However until then you need to be actively involved in your business during the busiest hours of operation.

#2) Lots of people contact.
Those opening a dollar store will quickly discover there are many different contacts made each day.  In fact, as your dollar store grows so too will the number of daily contacts.  From employees, to customers, to vendors you will continually be communicating.  You must enjoy people and be very customer oriented or you will find this business is not as enjoyable as you had hoped.

#3) Must be able to multi-task.
From cashier to receiving clerk to buyer, the list of roles you will play as the owner and manager of a successful dollar store is long indeed.  Opening a dollar store means one minute you might be unloading a shipment of freight and the next you might be talking to your accountant about your dollar store costs and your projected dollar store profits.  If you are able to handle a variety of tasks and can stop one task to handle another and then return and pick up where you left off, starting a dollar store might be right for you.

#4) Must enjoy a fast-paced environment.
Starting a dollar store means there will never be a dull moment in your life.  From the high volume of shoppers to the huge number of items you must purchase to replenish inventory, to the continual focus required to cut your dollar store costs and generate dollar store profits, there is always something happening. 

To your success when opening a dollar store!

By Anonymous