Bargain Hunters Meet at Thrift Stores

People have different reasons for shopping at specific stores. Some feel that specific stores cater to their quality specifications and others simply do what their parents before them did. There are others that are more focused on saving money and thrift stores help them do just that.

The Difference

Stores that sell gently used things to the general public are known as thrift stores. These stores are normally connected to a charity and the moneys that are made us usually given to the charity.

Not all thrift stores are alike. Some thrift stores are not for profit stores that are heavily connected to a specific charity. These stores are normally staffed by volunteers as a way to keep monthly expenses low. Once the expenses have been paid, the remaining moneys are donated to the charity that has sponsored the thrift store.

For profit thrift stores are privately owned. They do work with various charities to donate moneys to. They are normally staffed by a paid staff and have expenses that a for profit retail business does. After the bills are paid for the month, it is up to the owner to decide if any additional moneys will be given to the charity.

These two types of thrift stores are very different in the way they operate however; they are still stocked with donations. This merchandise is given by donors, inspected and priced. They are place in the store to be sold and the proceeds normally benefit a charity’s efforts.

Saving Money

Thrift stores are normally stocked with many different items. There aren’t many restrictions as to what can or can’t be donated to charity. Many people tend to donate gently used items they are no longer using. As long as the quality of the items is still good, most stores will find a place to stock and sell it.

Thrift stores are a great way for people on a budget to save money and still provide necessary things to their families. There are often quality items, name brand even, that are resold for a fraction of the retail cost. Shopping in thrift stores is always a great way to provide great items for families without paying more than they can afford.

Once the cause of great embarrassment, thrift stores are now actively sought after. There are those that are avid shoppers their because of their budget. But there are also those that choose to shop at thrift stores because they love the thrill of finding a bargain. This is a place that budget savvy and thrill seeking meet, among the racks at a thrift store.

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