Improvised Facilities – Increased Business Opportunities for Self Storage Owners

Since more and more people have started using self storage as their secondary storage medium, the business prospects for self storage owners have increased immensely. However, this has also fueled a cut-throat competition in the storage and relocation industry. In order to remain in business and make it more profitable, the storage owner needs to plan strategically. One of the best options to do this is to provide unique facilities in order to attract more customers by offering them exclusive services and thereby increase the profit. This article gives you some ideas for making your storage business more profitable.

Facilities Offered By Self Storage Owners

Here are some storage unit features that a storage owner can provide in order to increase his customer base:

* State Of The Art Security Measures – When customers use storage facilities to store their precious belongings, one of the major considerations for them is whether the storage house is taking sufficient security measures to safeguard their goods. Today, many people from different backgrounds, with varying requirements use these storage facilities. So, it becomes very important for a storage unit owner to provide them a secure environment. For this, securing the facility 24X7 with armed guards may not be sufficient. The storage owner can offer additional security measures such as security alarms, CCTV surveillance, access control mechanisms etc. Another recent security technique that is being used in storage facilities is biometrics which uses fingerprints of the customers to give access to their units. By providing such advanced security measures, a storage owner can definitely attract more customers.

* Climate Controlled Storage Units – By maintaining low humidity levels and constant temperature, self storage owners can increase the storage potential of units. Controlled climate reduce can also help check on mold, mildew and even pests. In such a controlled environment it is safe to store perishable goods such as meat, vegetables etc. The owner can also provide wine storage facilities. If some customers would like to store their electronics goods or musical instruments in storage units, then the owner can provide a dust free and dry climatic conditions that suit such goods.

* Value-Added Services – There are several value-added services that self storage owners can offer to their customers. One such service is the packing and moving of customers’ belongings while they are relocating. This would greatly take the burden off the customers’ shoulders. The owner can also offer free insurance for the belongings stored in the storage facilities. Some storage houses also offer mail-box facilities where the customers can receive their personal or official mails.

These are just a few examples of how self storage owners can improve the facilities offered at his storage house. To become successful, a storage owner has to plan and introduce many such facilities. The idea is to attract customers. Depending upon the local market conditions, these strategies need to be planned and evaluated. Strategies that work for one storage house need not be as profitable for another. Hence, it is up to an individual storage owner to study the market thoroughly and introduce some specialized services to attract more customers. Start planning now!

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