Choosing Warehouse or Self Storage for your Storage needs

Several people these days feel it is a herculean task to effectively manage storage space that is owned, taken on rent or leased out. This is one major reason why people are turning towards self storage units in order to create more space at home. Whether you plan to store a small number of items or place all your valuable possessions in self storage units for several months or years, self storage units are the perfect and most affordable storage choice for you. Self storage is a cost-effective alternative to the conventional moving and storage warehouse option.

Warehouses are massive buildings used by customs officials, importers and exporters to store all sorts of goods. They fulfill storage needs of commercial users. Warehouse storage comprises of various kinds such as automated storage, shelving and pallet racking. Items are stored in a very systematic manner in warehouses. Having known about warehouse, self storage and their uses, let us now examine the benefits of renting self storage units.

Advantages of Renting Self Storage Units as against Personal Warehouses

When it comes to security of your belongings, you will prefer choosing self storage units instead of personal warehouses. Self storage units guarantee you that belongings are stored safely by offering adequate security measures such as installation of CCTV cameras, burglar alarms and round the clock security guards to monitor your belongings. Comparing these security measures to the ones you get in personal warehouses, you will find a huge difference between the two. You will have to shell out huge amounts of money, if you want to put in place adequate security measures in your personal warehouse.
Personal warehouses restrict you from carrying out physical inspection of your valuable possessions regularly since you are engaged in lots of other work. You will not find time to know if pests and rodents are causing harm to belongings. However, self storage units regularly carry out pest control programs and take adequate measures to check damage of goods caused due to natural calamities.
Climate controlled storage options are a must if you want to keep your belongings protected from extreme temperatures and humidity. Self storage units offer climate controlled storage options for items such as clothes, furniture, musical instruments, photographs and computers. Personal warehouses may not have this option.

Warehouse Vs Self Storage, Which to opt for?

Although both warehouse and self storage units offer good storage options, it can be tough selecting one among the two. Choosing a storage unit depends entirely on your needs. If you want to protect your belongings and ensure their security, you must opt for easily affordable self storage units. People prefer storing valuables in self storage units due to increasing warehouse rental charges.

Warehouses are selected because you can effectively utilize space. You can make maximum use of space in a warehouse. In order to create more space for your belongings, pallet racks are placed right up to the ceiling.

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