Duane Reade Drug Store Is Not Better Than Santa Claus!

“Britney, there’s something I need to get off my chest which I feel I should, because it is standing in the way of our friendship, sweetie – I feel that Duane Reade Drug Store is better than Santa Claus.” Paris Hilton confessed to her best pal Britney Spears.

“Paris, God, and to think you hid this thought from me all this time! Okay, tell me what makes you think that my favorite drugstore, Duane Reade Drug Store, is better than my more favorite Santa Claus.” Britney asked.

“Britney, I wrote a letter to Santa last week and he didn’t reply back; at the same time I wrote a letter to Duane Reade Drug Store and they replied back promptly!” Paris reasoned.

“What did you write to Santa and Duane Reade Drug Store about anyways, Paris?” Britney enquired.

“I asked Santa to send me about 100 grams of marijuana, 250 grams of hashish and an aero-hydroponic system that could help me grow these plants in my backyard. I also wrote to Duane Reade Drug Store if they have these items in stock!”

“And what did Duane Reade Drug Store reply!” Britney asked.

“Duane Reade Drug Store replied that they’re going to hand over my letter to the coppers!” Paris replied.

“Okay, so Duane Reade Drug Store was nasty to you in their reply, while Santa was nice to you by not replying! Isn’t that right, Paris?” Britney triumphantly asked.

“Hmm, you’re right Britney! I’ve also started getting the feeling that Santa is better than Duane Reade Drug Store!” Paris concluded, agreeing with Britney’s logic.

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