Usb locker ? an advanced drive protection application

The world is standing on the strong pillars of technology on the present day. From a tiny to an enormous happening in this world is based on innumerable techniques of technology. Technology is used to store huge number of confidential data in each and every corners of the earth. As this point is mentioned, all concerned and careful people must note that protection of data is a basic necessity in the cases of storage of confidential data. Now a question may come to your mind that it is true that protection of data is a major necessity, but how shall you do it in a correct and successful way? The best answer to this question can be served just by the name of a single drive protection application, that is, USB Locker. A bit more information about this device which will help you to get some idea about how this device may help you in your day to day life will be provided over here.

SUMMARY: – A USB Locker is an awesome application for performing the operation of protection of all kinds of drives where several data storage facilities are maintained. These drives includes not only some special types of drives but all kinds of USB drives including flash drives and thumb drives. Along with that this list also includes all types of memory cards and all other external drives which are needed to store data or information in various formats. This drive protection application offers you a fantastic and fabulous protection across innumerable platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. If you want to get the focus at the main and the foremost advantageous point by which you will be benefitted by this application then it must be said that this drive protection application provides a robust protection to the data that you have stores in several drives as mentioned previously unauthorized or any illegal access and thereby keep the data which you have stored totally safe from any sort of misuses.

The basic features of a USB Locker are enlisted over here as given below:-

It provides a safe lock to the USB drives.
It provides a one step protection which is very easy and simple to maintain and install.
It makes your stored data secure from any kind of misuses.
It provides a cross platform.
It supports the facility of data recovery from master key.
It supports Hack Attempt security.

This application has numerous benefits. Some of those are highlighted over here:-

Main benefit is its ease of use and user friendly interface.
It supports multiple data protection and strong security against data leakage.
It is highly portable and small in size.
It is reliable and totally independent.

There are many more advantages of this application, only a few are highlighted over here. All in all, an

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USB Flash Drives – The Best Buy

USB flash drive is basically an EEPROM that means “Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory”.A USB drive is a plug and play storage device.  It can be used in place of a CD or a zip drive disk. It uses flash memory and is very lightweight. It is a removable drive by computer. Custom USB Flash drives does not require rebooting after it’s attached, does not require batteries or an external power supply, and is not platform dependent.

Flash drives are great for storing files, but did you know you can run portable applications from flash drives as well.  A free business suite, OpenOffice includes a word processing program, a PowerPoint application, a spreadsheet program and even a database and there is a portable version. Firefox, Opera and Thunderbird all have portable versions of their web browsers that can be downloaded and run from your flash drive. With the combination of programs like OpenOffice and Firefox, you have the ability to work, write, create, and surf the web all in the pocket of your pants

Even the biggest USB flash drive can be smaller than most people’s thumbs. Since we carry these devices to numerous locations, there is a fairly good chance that we will eventually lose them. If this should happen, most of us simply hope there was nothing sensitive on the drive. However, that is not the only thing you can do. There are some basic USB flash drive security measures available.

UBS thumb drives normally don’t require drivers. But with few old operating systems like Windows 98 and Windows 95, you need drivers that are provided by the manufacturer. Latest OS consider USB drives as USB Mass storage devices and have built in support for these drive. This means that you don’t need any drivers, you just plug in the drive and start using it.

The down side to drives that use encryption is that some of them only perform this encryption in software that results in lower performance on the drive when encryption is enabled. Few manufacturers use a hardware based engine capable of encrypting and decrypting files at a higher speed to prevent performance penalties when you access a secure partition that’s using encryption.

USB flash drive security is still in its infancy, since these drives aren’t routinely used by people with a need to secure their data. As they become more widespread and the need for security increases, expect flash drive security options to increase as well. For now, partitioning and encrypting are the major options available, though.

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Open architecture USB controller advancement for motion control with applications like & engraving

By: Mr. Dhiren Shah Solustan, Inc.

Engraving systems have come a long way. Today’s computerized rotary engraving machines and laser machines allow creation of high quality fonts combined with eye-catching graphics. It feels like it was just yesterday when engravers used manual engraving machines.

Technology continues to march forward. As always, newer technology creates new opportunities and new challenges. The inroads made by the laser machines in the world of engraving over the last ten or more years have been phenomenal.

Why laser-engraving machines are successful?

There are many reasons for the success and acceptance of the laser machines in the engraving business. When laser machines were introduced to the engraving businesses, the machines were pricey. However, these machines captured the imagination of the user.

1. The laser machines were able to handle graphics with ease.

2. The quality of the output was high.

3. The speed of the total process from the design to the output was lot faster than rotary engraving machines.

4. Laser manufacturers started and stayed with open architecture. We will explore the open architecture later.

Why rotary-engraving manufacturers fell on hard times?

Computerized rotary engraving was a significant step forward for the manufacturers of rotary engraving machines. The progress did not continue and limitations remained.

1. The manufacturers did not move to open architecture.

2. The quality of the fonts did not improve with time.

3. Handling of graphics and logos continued to be an obstacle.

4. Lack of compatibility between different proprietary design programs from the manufacturers remained a problem.

Open architecture

An open architecture is a system design that facilitates easy substitution, addition, and subtraction of components of the system with minimum or no disruption to the usefulness of the system. A personal computer is a good example of an open architecture. Open architecture is generally based on agreed upon standards. Fosters innovations, reduces system pricing, expands market size, creates better solutions for the buyers, and everybody wins.

Enter Solustan, Inc.

Let us take a look at one such example of open architecture to see the benefits. Solustan, Inc. created a Virtual Controllers and provided many solutions over the years. The company set out to build the next generation of controllers.

The following decisions were made earlier:
The PC’s are plenty powerful and the PC shall do most of the controller work.
There was a new port in town. It was called USB. The older serial and parallel ports were fading future belonged to USB ports.
Keep the size and the price of the controller under control to increase the applicability of the solution.
Build the controller on the basis of a language that is most useful in the world of Motion control and Machine control.
Allow the user to generate the jobs in one of the many popular applications available on the PC.
Build minimum proprietary hardware in order to buy and maintain the total solution with ease.
The product is called LinkMotion USB. It appears to have met the goals.

Analyze LinkMotion USB

LinkMotion is a printer type driver compatible with Microsoft Windows XP operating system. Soon it will be offered on Windows 7 operating system. It is installed and feels like another printer driver within Windows architecture. However, it is shipped with a Systems Tray based applet with many useful functions for the machine control.

(1)When you launch the Applet, immediately, a Control Pad shows up on the screen. This Control Pad replaces proprietary control panels offered by most machine controllers on the market. Control panels are required to jog the machine, command the machine to find the Home position, surface the tool to the material, check out the I/O’s, and other similar functions to prepare the machine to execute a job. Proprietary control panels add to the cost of the system. They are also expensive to maintain when things break.

Solustan decided to use the numeric keypad part of the extended PC keyboard as the Control Pad. If the keyboard breaks, it is an inexpensive replacement. The user does not need to call the manufacturer for repair, just a short trip to the local computer store. The Control Pad that shows up on the screen can be easily configured for English, Spanish, and International symbols.

The numeric keypads are separately available (wired and wireless) in the PC after market at a reasonable price and by many vendors. There is an interesting surprise coming up. In the very near future, Apple’s iPhones may be used to control the machines.

(2)The USB controller is one of the tiniest 6-axis controllers on the market. It connects to high speed USB 2.0 port for speedy transfer of jobs. The controller sports a SD memory card as the job storage area. One Giga Byte storage is available on SD memory card for a few dollars and can store up to about 1,000 minutes of a machine operation.  The controller can issue up to 75,000 steps per second for six axes.The controller requires 5 VDC to operate and consumes about 30 to 40 ma during idle operation. It can consume up to 170 ma while driving all six step motor drivers. The controller is designed to be powered from either USB port of a PC or external 5 VDC. It has multiple I/O’s plus additional lines for home switches and emergency switch.

(3)LinkMotion driver is tested with many popular applications and found to be working well in the vector mode. It was found to be working with Corel Draw, AutoCAD, DesignCAD, BobCAD, and even a $25 CAD program called Instant Engineer. A complete list of compatible applications for vector and raster work is available on Solustan’s web site. The idea is not to force the user to learn your program but allow the user to work with the program he/she is comfortable with. What can be friendlier?

Most of these programs are relatively less expensive. These programs are sold in volumes and are enhanced with new features all the time. There are user groups, trained professionals to provide necessary training, how to books, and web forums to help the user in many different ways.

Once a job is saved, it can be opened by newer versions of the program. Most programs offer many export functions. The user never feels locked into a proprietary situation.

The power of open architecture can be explained with the following real example:

A company in Chicago area has four offices. The jobs are manufactured in all four locations. The expertise for a popular program exists in the main office. All the jobs are designed in the main office and are emailed to the branches. Same type of machine set up exists at every branch. Operator opens the file along with the job order, sets up the material and executes the job. The job is ready for the customer to pick up.

(4)Solustan decided to go with the M&G codes as the basic language for the design of the jobs. M&G codes are the most popular codes in the world of CNC (computerized Numeric Control) machines. The clever part of the design is the fact that even if the underlying language for job design is G codes, it is hidden from the users who do not care to know about it.

The process goes something like this. User is designing a job in a popular program like Corel Draw or AutoCAD. Once the job is ready to be sent to the machine, the job is “Printed” while LinkMotion is selected as the output device. LinkMotion analyzes the job and creates G codes on the PC. Next, the G codes are converted to motion commands using the power and memory of the PC processor. The motion commands are sent on the USB port to the USB controller. The controller starts the machine and processes the job.

On the other hand, if the user is knowledgeable in G codes and wanted to analyze the G codes and wanted to make changes, the file can be saved in G codes and edited using one of the available text editors provided by Microsoft as part of the Windows operating system. The system is totally capable of accepting 3D G codes for true 3D processing.

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What Beauty Products You May Find in a Beauty Supply Store

Are you interested in buying new beauty products or beauty supplies? If you are, your first thought may be to head down to your local beauty supply store and start shopping. While this is more than possible to do, you may want to think about taking the time to first decide what you want or what you need to buy. This will lessen the chances of you spending more money than you have or more money than you wanted to spend.

When it comes to making a beauty product or beauty supply list, you will want to first familiarize yourself with some of the many products that are sold at beauty supply stores. If you are an avid beauty supply store shopper, you may already have an idea of what type of products are sold at beauty supply stores, but if not, you will want to take the time to familiarize yourself with those items.

Before examining a few of the many products that are sold at beauty supply stores, it is important to remember that not all beauty supply stores are the same. There are some beauty supply stores that offer products for just about anyone of any gender or any age. On the other hand, there are beauty supply stores that cater towards a specific group of individuals, such as African American women. The type of store that you are interested in shopping at will have a significant impact on the type of beauty products that you can find for sale there.

Despite the possibility of a variance, one of the most commonly sold items at a beauty supply store is makeup. Makeup is an important part of beauty, as it is makeup that often hides some of the skin’s common flaws. Makeup comes in a number of different formats. At a beauty supply store, you are likely to find liquid foundation, powdered cover-up, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, and so on.

Nail care products are also regularly sold at many beauty supply stores. As for the type of nail care products that you are likely to find, it is important to remember that not all beauty stores carry the same types of products. What that in mind though, you should be able to find a large selection nail polishes, nail polish removers, and other nail care products, like clippers and nail files.

The above mentioned beauty products are just a few of the many that you should be able to find available for sale at a beauty supply store. In addition to one of your local beauty supply stores, you should be able to find some of the above mentioned beauty products, as well as many more online. If you decide to shop locally, you may want to think about contacting the beauty store in question to see if they have what you want or need. This may be able to save you a considerable amount of time and a wasted trip.

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Seeking information about USB ? explore here

Floppy to USB has been highlighted as a necessary component for a wide range of products like industrial machineries that still use floppy drive for data transfer and musical instruments include Yamaha and Korg. It has been observed that many users still use floppy drive for data storage, only because they have no alternative. They, however, will be happy to know that they can easily upgrade their system and can avail the benefit of using Floppy to USB that will definitely make them happy and also give them a new experience of using their old machineries.

In order to upgrade your old machinery, you need to have a Floppy drive emulator which is used to replace the existing floppy drive. There are many old industrial machineries are still operating on floppy as a medium of accessing data and need to be upgraded using Floppy drive emulator.   

Doing this will be a great effort to increase the productivity of the device and thus increase revenue. Many industrial machineries such as Robotic from EDM, ABB+, Textile Manufacturing, Medical Equipments, Embroidery, Knitting and many more, need to be upgraded using Floppy drive to USB.

Industrial machines are, however, much needed to be upgraded using floppy drive to USB, as using floppy drive became a great cause of wastage of precious time, money and of course effort. So, if you are concerned with this, you need to think about that and take a quick action to upgrade such important machineries for the sake of enhancing the productivity of your company and thus generating more revenue.    

So, you don’t need to wait now and make an effort to get maximum in return of less effort – all of this will only be possible – if you successfully upgrade the old machineries by using Floppy disc drive to USB. Talking about the conversion process is certainly an easy job and even a person from non-technical background can accomplish the task conveniently.  More and more, you don’t need to purchase any extra hardware or software, so it can easily be concluded that using the Floppy as USB creates a win-win situation for you.

Talking about the entire process of conversion that is not so difficult, even it doesn’t require any technical knowledge can be accomplished so conveniently. What you have to do is just to remove the floppy drive and install Floppy drive emulator at the same place even by using the same screws. Besides, you don’t need to install any specific software and hence the process is free from complexity and lets you use the contemporary USB flash drive as data storage and transferring option.

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Kinds Of Self Storage Units And Its Features

If you are looking for a place where you could stack away the items which is of only seasonal use, self storage units are the best solution. There are many products that we buy to use only during a particular season and then it’s just stacked up in your closet. But not everybody has enough space in their house to accommodate such items. In such cases self storage units provides the storage facilities. Many organizations provide this at reasonable cost.

There are different kinds of storage units available in the market. Before you buy one, it’s better to understand their features. They cater to various purposes, so based on your individual requirement you can choose a self storage unit. One of the most popular of the lots is the furniture storage unit. This is for those who are planning to shift their home or sell it off. If you have furniture that could not fit into your new house, you could hire a furniture storage unit. Sometimes you might try for downsizing your house and plan to take off some furniture to give it a complete makeover. You could easily stack up this furniture in furniture storage units.

Another unit is called the climate-controlled storage unit. This is suitable to store your precious items and those which are perishable due to changes in the weather conditions. Items like the art and craft work, paintings, jewelry, and also the electronic appliances could be stored in the self storage units well-protected from the changing weather conditions. These units are maintained at favorable climate 24/7 and so you can be sure that the personal items are in safe hands.

Vehicle storage facility is another kind of self storage facility which gives you a safe place to park your car. If you do not find a safe place to park your car near your house, hire a car storage unit. The storage unit providers provide 24 hours security and are at your service 24/7. So you can access your car at anytime in case of emergency. This ensures that your car is in safe hands.

If you own a boat or an RV, self storage units are really a boon for you. These sports equipments will be used only once in a while and storing them in your house occupies more space. There are special storage units for boat storage and RV storage. You could make use of the garage storage facilities provided by the companies to ensure that your vehicle is securely stored. When you order for self storage units, specify your requirements and also decide on the size of the unit. Getting the right space to fit all your belongings is a decision to be taken by you.

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Disk Is Not Formatted Error USB Definitely Resolvable With External Program

Computer systems consist of hard drives that are created with several sectors in which data files of the system are stored and in order to share data from one system to another the users mostly make use of flash drives. But when corruption happens it neither leaves the hard drive undamaged nor the pen drive connected in the system. And in such situations the users usually get prompted with disk drive is not formatted error you can make use of the Hard Drive Data Recovery software application as it is one of the finest available software application for hard drive recovery and other data storage system recovery.

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Opt for the network storage after assessing own requirements

When it comes to seeking out a perfect data storage solution, users don’t mind being a bit innovative and try out different options. This has resulted in coming up of a range of storage solutions which are easily affordable, fast accessible and economical too.

Usage of local area network has gained extreme popularity with change in work profile of users.  Hence, many are opting for data storage solutions over the network. Over past few years, the data storage concept has evolved through various phases. This evolution has been driven be many factors. One reason is that advancement in technology has made it easier to come up with advanced storage solutions. Further, there is an exponential increase in the volume of data which users need to store. Quite naturally they look for higher storage capacity along with easy accessibility. The network storage  has been introduced keeping in mind the changing data storage scenario. It is a very simple concept which allows storing of data using a specific method so that users can access data over the network.

We have seen the days of mainframes when data was stored physically separate from the actual processing unit. Then there came the PC based server era where storage devices are available ‘inside the box’ or in external boxes and these are connected directly to the system. The network storage concept is bit different from conventional data storage solution. When it comes to network based data storage, several technologies are involved. Here is a look at some of these:-

Network Attached Storage or NAS is a specific data storage mechanism that uses special devices for storage purpose. These devices remain connected directly to the network media. These are also assigned an IP address so that clients can access it via a server. However, many manufacturers have some up with sophisticated NAS solutions which can be accessed directly by the clients without any intermediary. This allows the user better control over the stored data.

Since it is never possible to predict future storage demands, companies look for storage solutions which offer easy expandability. NAS fits this criterion perfectly. In case you need more storage space, just add another NAS device and expand the available data storage. With NAS there comes the benefit of additional fault tolerance to the network. Hence, you can always access the data over the network even in case there arises some problems with the NAS device.  With NAS, the data is still available on the network. By opting for additional security features like RAID, you can protect your valuable data from sudden loss.

With network attached storage, sharing data can be really effortless and simple. There are many cases when you are outstation and need to stay informed about activities at work place or need to access some crucial data. With NAS this can be achieved the way you want. Further, sharing your favourite music or movies with friends or close ones can be real fun with the NAS setup.

Apart from Network attached storage, some other network storage concepts being on offer are Direct Attached Storage and Storage Area Network. However for small businesses which have to operate with limited financial resources and manpower, NAS has proved to be quite effective. Before selecting any specific storage, it is always advisable to weigh pros and cons of the product and gather detailed information. This can be done by doing some online research on your own. Compare product features and rates and then only decide. Opt for a reputed brand to avail of maximum facilities and best deal.

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External Storage Devices Is a Part of Your Life

External storage devices offer a wide range of solutions to problems facing those who choose to participate in the advances of this age of information. Information! We are constantly inundated by information these days. It forms the basis of our existence both social and professional. It streams to us from all angles. When we step back from this constant inundation for a second we must ask; ‘What do we do with all this information?’

How you process your information is beyond the scope of this article! But what I will offer here are methods to keep your information ordered, accessible, and safe so that you can work with it under the best possible circumstances.

An external hard drive is a storage system for your computer data. Often taking the form of a compact box, they are connected to a computer via a cable (probably USB or firewire) and have the capability of storing anything from 1 Gigabyte to 1 Terabyte of information. If you have utilized an external storage device you probably find it useful under many circumstances.

Storing your information on an external hard drive solves several problems. First of all it eliminates the possibility of losing your data in the event of your computer crashing be it due to a virus attack or mechanical malfunction. It is common practice for individuals involved in IT to create a copy of the entire extent of their data onto an external drive. This saves them from the disastrous possibility of losing all their work and therefore their profits if their system crashes. Storing to an external hard drive means that the data physically exists outside of your computer system so if you find your computer in an inoperable state the external drive can be plugged into another computer to retrieve your data. This brings us to another feature of external drives which is that of transferability. Through external drives it is possible to access your data on other computers which is great for easily transferring your data to work colleagues or a friend computer.

If you have sensitive information you can store it on a hard disk which will prevent it from being accessible to hackers over the internet. Simply store your important data on the external drive, wipe it from your main system and then unplug the external drive. This way it is impossible for your data to be accessed by would be thieves over the internet.

Extra Space
If you’ve downloaded too many big files (movies, music etc.) and find your computer running out of space and consequently slowing down, store your data on the external drive to free up disk space on your computer. Not only does this free up space and speed up your computer but it can also allow you to organize your data. For example you could have one external drive for Music, one for business data, one for personal data and so on.

Owning an external storage device is very useful in many ways. In the years to come it will become almost inevitable for anyone to escape the invasion of external storage devices, they are now in the form of keychains. You can use a small 8GB USB drive to store a large amount of data. You can simply bring your office work home and easily carry it on a keychain. School kids can have homework assignments given to them on a keychain using an external storage device, allowing students to abandon their bulky backpacks and school books. Imagine go to your local video rental store and picking the latest movie release on an external storage device. The use for external storage devices is endless. However you spin it, one thing is for certain “external storage devices” will be a part of your life!

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Dollar Store Startup Merchandise Layout Strategies

If you are about to undertake a dollar store startup then you are probably trying to recover from the realization there is much work ahead.  So much needs to be done before you can even make your first sale.  One set of actions which can truly be underestimated is associated with creating the dollar store merchandise layout for your soon to open business.  Make the right decisions about the layout and shopper traffic will flow smoothly through the store.  Customers will be able to take their time and carefully examine the dollar store merchandise without hindering their fellow shoppers’ movement.

Make the wrong layout decisions and shoppers will avoid some aisles entirely.  Read on for helpful hints to make your store easy for shoppers to navigate.

1.   Start by setting a footprint for the aisles across your store

The final dollar store merchandise layout footprint may look much different from the first one you create.   Do not feel this is a problem.  Every dollar store startup requires work to make the final footprint the right one for your customers and location.  Keep working until you have outlined a layout which works for your location.

2.   Second add the major departments

Create a smooth flow in your store.  While almost no placement is perfect, it is important to place departments in aisles so shoppers will be drawn from one to the next.  Place the most popular selling items so shoppers move through other items to reach them.  In fact one strategy to consider is to place the best selling items toward the back and far walls of the store.

3.   Determine the products placement locations within the departments

Once you have identified the placement of the various departments it is time to start determining exactly where you will place the merchandise.  Some of the key considerations are locating items with a higher risk of theft close to the front of your store.  Also consider the dollar store merchandise you will place on end caps for your grand opening.

4.   Fourth is to remember to place like items next to like items

This may seem straightforward and logical.  Yet many who undertake a dollar store startup will move away from this simple rule and decide to place like items throughout their store.  When a shopper is looking to purchase a pair of gloves, they wish to go to one location, view their options and then make their choice.  If you place gloves at various locations throughout your store they may fail to see the very gloves they wanted.

5.   Finally, remember to check your work be watching the flow

As previously mentioned, display similar items next to similar items at all times.  But also work to strategically place complementary items as close as possible.  From a customer perspective these items are more likely to be purchased when they are closer together.  Closer placement is a means of reminding the shopper about the different dollar store merchandise carried.  From a store owner perspective this can mean added sales once you dollar store startup is complete and the customers start arriving.

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