What is FTP Online Storage?

What is FTP? FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is used for transferring files from one database to another or between computers through a network. FTP hosting can also be used to exchange files and documents from one account to another. Today, FTP online storage, FTP storage and FTP hosting are becoming very popular. Usually, FTP file storage and FTP storage can be accessed online which makes it very convenient for companies and businesses to transfer files and documents.

file storage and online storage for your back-up needs. Further, making use of FTP storage will make a more efficient and effective file sharing method between you, your employees and authorized business partners.

Moreover, even if you are not in the office, you can still have remote access to your online storage as long as you have internet connection to connect to the FTP hosting website. You can access FTP storage through your mobile, laptop and other gadgets that have internet connection. This remote access is helpful to people that are always on the go. If someone has forgotten to bring a copy of an important document to a client meeting, he can easily obtain a copy by going online and accessing the FTP hosting site and his file storage account.

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