A Guide to Car Storage Chicago Climate Control!

Car storage Chicago climate controlled storage will prevent damage to your motorcar. Climate control warehousing keeps your auto at a temperature ranging from 55 to 85 degrees. It is rational to decide on a a self storage unit well inside the climate controlled area to be certain you are getting the full benefits of the climate control feature. Temperature range may fall outside of the the 55 to 85 degree range the more closer to the outside doors your storage unit is positioned.

A lot of times water can begin mold in less ventilated places, especially if you reside in an more humid, extreme temperature environment area. Car storage Chicago storage units that see a lot of shaded areas or discover themselves in more temperature neutral climates, nonetheless, tend to be much better places to store your automobile.

Obviously, climate controlled self storage is a necessary feature for self storage rentals in many instances. A self storage renter must ask yourself how cherished your motorcar is to you and examine that versus the added cost of climate controlled self storage. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Although most people assert that maintaining a even temperature is the only sure way to defend their automobile, there are myriad levels of hazard, depending upon your town location and the term you need to keep your vehicle stored. Knowing what kind of weather to expect , how long your automobile will be in storage, and the type of vehicle you are storing will help you choose if car storage Chicago climate control storage is a absolutely necessary added expense for a renter’s storage wants.

Car storage Chicago climate control storage is available at most storage storage facilities, and not all of them offer the same amount of protection. Simply regulating the temperature isn’t enough for some automobiles. For these you need a facility that manages the humidity as well. Hinging upon what city the renter lives in, mold, spores, bacteria and other damaging things may be more likely to leech into metals and other textiles over time in an unregulated storage facility.

Really what matters is what you’re storing and what consists of. Super hot summers and cold winters can leave their damage on the hardiest automobile, though you may be storing a motorcar that wouldn’t be affected by temperature extremes or humidity. Or if you only need to warehouse your car for a shorter duration, you may be able to use a basic storage space without climate control. Facilities that offer climate control do charge more money for this type of space, but it may be well worth the added cost, depending on what you necessitate to store. Understand about these considerations closely when you are leasing storage.

If you still have questions as to whether you necessitate environment controlled car storage, ask the car storage manager. Their input can be very helpful. Good luck in your search for automobile storage!

Car Storage Chicago

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Car Storage Boston – Climate Control!

Car storage Boston climate control storage will prevent injury to your automobile. Climate control storage will keep your auto at a temperature going from 55 to 85 degrees in temperature. It is knowledgeable to choose a storage unit well within the climate control building to make sure you are getting the entire benefits of the climate control unit advantage. Temperature ranges might fall outside of the the 55 to 85 degree range the more closer to the exterior entrances your self storage unit is positioned.

A lot of times moisture will breed warping or mold in poorly well ventilated units, particularly if you reside in an more humid, extreme temperature environment area. Car storage Boston storage units that see a lot of shaded areas or expose themselves in more temperature neutral climate areas, nonetheless, tend to be much better environments to store your automobile.

Obviously, climate controlled storage is a required feature for self storage renting in many instances. A renter must ask yourself how cherished your automobile is to you and counterbalance that against the auxiliary cost of climate controlled self storage. What are the pluses and disadvantages? Although some people assert that keeping a constant climate is the only absolute way to defend their motorcar, there are myriad levels of risk, depending upon your unit location and how long you need to keep your car stored. Being informed about what kind of weather to expect , how long your auto will be stored, and the type of motorcar you are storing will help you elect if car storage Boston climate controlled storage is a necessary extra cost for your warehousing wants.

Car storage Boston climate control storage is available at many storage facilities, and not all of them offer the same amount of care. Simply maintaining the temperature isn’t enough for some automobiles. For these you need a unit that will manage the humidity as well. Revolving on what zip code a self storage renter lives in, mold, spores, bacteria and other bad pathogens may be more likely to leech into metals and other textiles over time in an environment.

Really what matters is what you’re storing and what it’s made of. Super hot summers and extremely cold winters can leave their mark on the hardiest motorcar, though you may store a motorcar that wouldn’t be affected by temperature extremes or humidity. Or if you only need to store your car for a short time, you may be able to use a non climate storage without climate control. Storage facilities that offer climate control storage do charge more money for this type of storage space, but it may be well worth the cost, depending on what you need to put in storage. Think about these items very closely when you are considering renting self storage units.

If you still have queries as to whether you need environment controlled motorcar storage, ask the self storage proprietor. Their judgement can be very beneficial. Great luck in your quest for vehicle storage!

Car Storage Boston

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The key to USB security

Let’s talk something about USB Security. If I ask someone what is security? I would probably get the answer that it is a state of being free from danger or injury like we support the armed services in the name of National Security. But when it comes to protecting your USB flash drive, what would you do in order to achieve total download it and then install on your portable device which you want to protect.

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About Store Manager for Oscommerce

If you have an online store based on osCommerce with a lot of products in many categories, and you are spending more than few minutes everyday updating your products, then you may gain benefit from the Store Manager for osCommerce. It is cost-effective software to manage osCommerce-based online stores.

Store Manager for osCommerce is a multi-language software to manage your online store.

You get:

multiple osCommerce stores management

products, categories, attributes, manufacturers and orders management

quick and easy osCommerce products import/export including product attributes, manufacturers, taxes, categories, additional fields

smart and easy pricing for many products at once

easy product navigation, quick search, advanced filters

quick product, order, customer search etc

advanced reporting tools, including more then 20 reports out of the box

and much more

You can manage osCommerce store much faster and more effectively – import / export products, change product quantities, availability, backup your store, automatically re-size your product images while uploading etc. Hundreds of additional features are included in Store Manager for osCommerce to simplify typical and more advanced tasks. For example, SmartPrice Feature makes price changes for multiple products very smart, quick and easy. Advanced Reporting Tools show most popular products, most profitable products, products viewed, products purchased, customer orders total etc. And you can even design your own reports by any criteria. All changes you made are applied to your store immediately, no synchronization, no delayed updates – it all live.

Store Manager for osCommerce also provides multiple stores management, you can manage many stores at once and quickly switch between your stores. And all this right from your desktop computer. To know more about the software, see the screenshots, check out online flash presentations, or if you are in a hurry, just download Store Manager for osCommerce and try.


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Review of Wondershare USB Drive Encryption: Portable Encryption Tool

Wondershare USB Drive Encryption is a handy tool to exactly encrypt USB sticks and other portable storage media. It takes 3 simple steps to extend protection to USB devices. With correct password, you can view your encrypted files stored on USB devices on any computer without the protection software installed.

Featured US military-level encryption technology-256-bit AES, Wondershare USB Drive Encryption guarantees the highest level of file security for your business and personal data. You no longer need to worry that at a lost or stolen USB device may leak your privacy/trade secrets and cause a disaster.

The following is a list of pros and cons that can shed light on why it is a brilliant program but also what should you notice if you want to try it:

What are the benefits?

US military-level 256-bit AES algorithm: Allow you to get the highest level protection available now for your files. At present, 256-bit AES encryption is the most advanced encryption algorithm used by the public in both the corporate and home computing environment. And it is once only limited to US government.

Data Separated Protection: Wondershare USB Encryption allows you to divide USB devices into secure area and public area after encryption. Data on secure area is only accessible with correct password while data on public area is unprotected. This enables you to encrypt confidential files while keep ordinary files shareable for others with one USB stick. When someone wants to borrow your USB stick to carry data or for other things, it’s no need for you to delete the files that you don’t want others to know any longer.

Portable encrypted data: With password, the encrypted data is accessible on USB sticks in any computer even without the security software installed. After installing USB Drive Encryption in your device, you can also encrypt and decrypt files on USB sticks in a third computer.

Hide encrypted data: To get more protection, you can hide data on secure area by deleting the access to it. And easily get back the lost access by the Recover button when you need. Even your USB stick lost, no one will find your encrypted data, let alone try to break it.

Antivirus ability of encrypted data: Wondershare USB Drive Encryption provides read-only options to protect encrypted data from viruses. And under read-only mode, you can do nothing for your encrypted data except reading the encrypted data.

Wondershare USB Drive Encryption cannot backup data automatically:

Wondershare USB Drive Encryption will delete all files on USB stick during creating a secure area for the confidential files. The software will remind users to have backup of files on USB stick, but still I hope it has ability to backup files automatically.

The verdict:

This USB encryption software is easy to use. It can provide full security for USB devices, a good option for business and home users who intend to encrypt USB devices for their private and company data.

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Self Storage Industry Growth

Despite economic difficulties the UK’s self storage industry is continuing to grow according to a Mintel report commissioned by the UK’s Self Storage Association.

Through 2009 the number of self storage sites has grown by more than 10 percent to 750 primary facilities, and according to the report up to 2008 the growth had remained consistent at around 8 percent, but with the awareness of self storage increasing, and nearly 50 percent of the population is now aware of the industry, which is up form 29 percent two years ago, definitely has further to grow.

When the recession ‘kicked’ in people started to make the best of their homes instead of looking for pastures new.  A storage service became walk-in garages, wardrobes, garden sheds, office storage, and in difficult times with money tight, spare rooms were decluttered to make room for the paying guest, or change the usage of a room from a ‘dumping’ ground to maybe a study, a nursery, or extra bedroom, this definitely became the cheaper option instead of up-sizing.

Whatever your storage needs, a self storage facility can be the answer to your prayers, either business storage needing storage boxes to store important documents for archiving, or storage rooms for domestic storage purposes, storing items such as furniture, carpets, lamps etc. moving home or moving abroad the need to safely store all your possessions safely at a competitive price, is becoming a much sought after facility.

All Secure Self Storage, the easy, flexible option for all your storage needs, offers complete peace of mind when entrusting them to look after your possessions.  This Kent storage facility offers the very best storage conditions, with CCTV and monitored alarm system keeping a constant close eye on your belongings.

You can store almost anything at All Secure Self Storage as long as it is not perishable, flammable or illegal.  They have lockers, steel units from 10 to 10,000 sq feet, containers and open, covered secure spaces.  The minimum stay is one week with no maximum stay, and for that unexpected event in your life you can move in straight away, but more importantly you are the only key holder the company does not hold a key to your storage space.

All Secure Self Storage is the complete package in terms of removals and storage and is fast becoming Kent’s leading secure storage provider.  Storage in Kent has never been so good or so easy, this company can give the ultimate all round solution to your storage needs.

For further information visit:  www.allsecureselfstorage.com

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USB Extender: USB Extension Beyond Imagination

The USB extender is a device that allows extension leverage from 1 to 4 USB peripheral devices via inexpensive Cat5 / Cat5e / Cat6 UTP cable up to 150ft. It is a two-piece transmitter and receiver unit and requires no device drivers to run it. The set up is pretty easy with simple plug and play functionality. There is also a fiber optic extender version, the Icron USB 2.0 Fiber Ranger Multimode Fiber extender which permits an extension up to 10 km. Windows, Mac-OS, Linux and Sun are supported by USB Cat5 extender. The third type of extender is the wireless one which works on Icron’s patented USB technology.

The usb extender receiver has an active 4 port hub which supplies power to each port; the power requiring USB peripherals like media players, smart phones and mass storage devices can be powered and charged at the same time through these ports. USB over Cat5 kit consists of a local transmitter and a remote receiver unit that are connected using Cat5 UTP cable. It also includes RJ45 and Icron Ranger USB 2.0 Extender which supports the USB 2.0 peripheral devices at speeds up to 480 Mb/s over a distance of 50 m/164 ft. This USB 2.0 Extender increases the speed and also doubles the distance of previous versions of USB extension technology. Security agencies, Government and military applications, remote monitoring and training centers all make use of this device as it allows placement of the computer in a safe and secure location while the USB peripherals can be placed remotely.

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10 Creative Store Signage Options When Opening a Dollar Store ? Part 2

Successfully opening a dollar store in today’s retail market requires meeting many demands.  It’s no longer a matter of finding a location, bringing in some basic products, throwing open the doors and quickly making a profit.  Today’s retail landscape demands that you take advantage of every advertising and promotional opportunity you can find.  In some cases there is a high cost involved.  In other cases advertising and promotion takes only a small investment.  The signage in your store typically requires little upfront cash.   Yet you’ll soon find in-store signage contributes significantly to sales.  A reminder; carefully examine local rules and regulations for business signage before making your final plans.  In this article I present the final 5 of 10 store signage options when opening a dollar store.

6) End cap signage.  End caps will prove to be high-selling portion of the sales floor for you.  It’s simple to increase your end cap sales by always placing signage on your end caps.  While you don’t want to block customer views of the product or prevent them from easily removing the product from an end cap, this is not the place for micro-mini signs.  Brightly colored signs will draw attention.  A brief well-written headline and sub-heading should do the trick.  Then start counting the sales you make.

7) Aisle Shelving.  Many retailers ignore the power of signage in aisle shelving.  Sure a special buy, or possibly a sale-priced item might get a small sign, but that’s about all most do.  Don’t make that mistake when opening a dollar store.  Highlight frequently used items such as household cleaners, health and beauty items, snacks, grocery items.  Don’t sign everything, but highlight the area and then select a few items to receive individual signage.  You’ll be surprised how many shoppers were overlooking items.  The signs will draw their attention and they become buyers.

8) Cash register and checkout areas.  Be sure it is easy for shoppers to locate the checkout area of your store.  An overhead sign is effective in accomplishing that task.  Then it’s important to highlight impulse items that are on display.  Remember – shoppers are busy thinking about the checkout transaction, not necessarily locating impulse items.  Yet they will often select a pack of gum or the flashlight batteries they didn’t remember while shopping when there is a sign to lead the way.

9) Exit doors and aisles.  In most localities exits and emergency exits must be well marked.  You’ll handle this requirement when first opening a dollar store.  Yet extra signage can be of help when harried shoppers get a phone call reminding them about a child they need to pick up, or some other unexpected problem.  Aisle signage is a totally different thing. Overhead signs informing shoppers what to expect in each aisle are helpful to shoppers and they often prompt extra last-minute purchases of temporarily forgotten items.

10) Shopping bag inserts.  A well-written insert can prompt shoppers to return to your store more frequently.  Including an insert into shopper’s bags is a great way to inexpensively promote upcoming events, newly arrived merchandise, and your store in-general.  Don’t forget to use inserts to prompt shoppers tell family and friends about your store.

A well-signed store creates a better shopping experience.  Proper signage makes it easier for customers to be informed and to locate just what they seek.

Pre-plan your store signage colors and logo.  Don’t forget to develop a short list of signage rules to help employees do a great job.  You’ll be happy with the results proper signage achieves for you when opening a dollar store.

To your dollar store business success!

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The Benefits Of Using Edmonton Self Storage Facility

Edmonton self storage facility is aimed at homeowners, tenants, businesses, students, and event organizers – just about anyone who needs a little extra space without paying exorbitantly. Thanks to Edmonton self storage facilities, you can sleep soundly at night, knowing your property is secure from weather, criminals, and other dangers.

The Concept of Self Storage

Edmonton storage facilities have come a long way from the 1970s, when the best you could hope for would be an asbestos covered shed in a parking lot. Today, Edmonton self storage buildings are steel or concrete constructions with 24/7 guards, electronic surveillance, climate control, fire safety, and your own special key that allows only you to access your cubicle. With space at a premium, there is a huge demand for room for purely storage purposes. The homeowner who lives in a cramped apartment but is too fond of his LP collection to throw it away finds the concept of Edmonton self storage facility handy. So does the student whose dormitory room cannot hold all her books as well as her bicycle, clothes, and other belongings. If residential space is at a premium, business rentals are almost unaffordable. Yet, a commercial enterprise often has knickknacks, equipment, records, furniture that it cannot afford to throw away. It prefers to hire Edmonton self service storage for warehousing these items. Homebased businesses find Edmonton storage facilities indispensable to their modest business needs. You can use Edmonton self storage facility for temporary storage as well – for example, when you are relocating and you need to keep your belongings in a safe place until the new home is ready or after you quit your old home.

Why Self Storage Is Popular

Edmonton self storage rates are very reasonable. The amount you pay depends on the facilities you opted for and the size of the unit. Unit sizes typically start from 5×5 sq. ft. and can be as much as 20×20 sq. ft. You can choose a unit to store anything from books and personal belongings to contents of an entire apartment, even motorboats and cars. One can get all that for not more than $10 to $20 a month.

Apart from Edmonton self storage prices, people also love the conveniences it offers. You can access your unit even after office hours with your own secure access card. The units are mostly fire, earthquake, and flood resistant. The entire Edmonton self storage facility is cordoned off with high fences and outdoor lights help in maintaining maximum security. Edmonton climate-controlled self storage prevents mold, damp, excess temperature, or pests from destroying sensitive equipment and stores.

An Edmonton self storage facility might even offer a mini business center on its premises. You can use communication equipment, and even rent a small office temporarily. No wonder businesses find self storage options increasingly attractive.

Some facilities also offer insurance on the items stored, but you need to check this with the facility manager. Many facilities don’t offer full insurance cover and insist that you take out insurance on the items before putting them in storage. Also, put your own lock on the door along with the one supplied by the manager.

Safety, convenience, and attractive pricing – find all these through an Edmonton self storage facility.

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USB Device Redirection and Isolation Get Easy

Incentives Pro has released the TS Edition of its advanced product USB Redirector. The new software allows simple USB device redirection to a terminal server and enables device isolation in RDP session.

Designed to fill the gaps in the Windows OS functionality, the program provides some very handy USB device management options. As the name suggests, USB Redirector TS Edition allows its users to redirect their devices to the server and use them in remote Windows session.

The developers have also addressed privacy issues arising in the corporate environment, where controlling and limiting access to some devices can be vital. Using the unique feature offered by USB Redirector TSE you can isolate USB devices in your RDP session, making them inaccessible and invisible for other users. This ensures that private or sensitive data stays secure and prevents unauthorized employees from viewing, copying or otherwise using it. The program currently supports isolation for mass storage devices (such as USB flash drives and USB hard drives) and HID devices (including USB keyboards, mouse devices, touchpads, signature pads, footpedals, some USB fingerprint readers and USB smart card readers).

To make the software even more usable, Incentives Pro has added compatibility with USB Redirector for Linux – their free product that allows sharing and accessing USB devices remotely on Linux platform. Thus, you´ll be able to connect USB devices from Linux- or Windows-based computers to a Terminal Server where USB Redirector TS Edition is installed (note, however, that you´ll need the patch for open source project rdesktop).

Pricing and Availability

USB Redirector TS Edition is licensed per terminal server. Single License prices start at $134.99 for 2 USB devices; volume discounts are available. Licensed users are entitled to free tech support and minor version upgrades. The trial version of the product is available at http://www.incentivespro.com/downloads.html

Company website: http://www.incentivespro.com/downloads.html

Founded in 2007, Incentives Pro specializes in providing advanced USB/IP solutions. With its vast experience in the IT field, Incentives Pro offers its customers to take advantage of the significant expertise in software development. For more information please visit the company website.

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