USB drives, a Convenience or a Disaster in disguise

I just lost my USB drive, has anyone seen it? How many times have you encountered such incidents in your life? Almost every one of us has been in this painful situation at least once if not more. USB drives doesn’t cost too much just a few bucks, we daily spend this much amount on junk food or buying something that we don’t actually need, then why are we so worried about it? Because it is not the drive, but the data that we store on these portable drives. The assignment that you have made after working for long nights, the presentation that was going to get you a million dollar client or the pictures of your first trip to Paris. Can you afford getting all this stuff into wrong hands?

USB drives, most commonly called USB flash drives, Pen Drives, Thumb Drives, Jump drives have become an essential part of our computing life. From transferring data from one computer to other to carrying assignments for college or even for giving presentation to clients, whenever it comes to portability of data, USB drive is always the most preferred medium.  USB drives are effortless to carry because of their small size and still allow you to carry GBs of data. Starting from 128MB back in early 2000, these drives are now offering up to 1 terabyte of storage with capacities as large as 2 terabytes coming shortly.

There is no doubt that USB drives provides great convenience and ease of data portability but also raise many questions like; are my files safe? What if my USB drive gets lost? What if it gets stolen?  All these incidents lead us to loss of physical drive, loss of data and above all the most concerned issue, data leak and data theft. A new drive can be purchased, you may have a backup of your files on your PC or cloud in case of data loss but there is absolutely nothing that you can do about data theft. Imagine getting your private and confidential files, your bank account or credit card details, medical record or your client’s data being stolen and ending up in wrong hands, you are ruined!

 In the past couple of years, almost 70% of the businesses have traced the outflow of confidential data through USB/External drives, most of them related to data theft and data leaks. With risks increasing every day, it has now become a necessity to use reliable USB protection software as a measure to avoid such catastrophic incidents.

The answer to  all your security concerns, for your most important files stored on USB drives, Flash drives, Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, Pen Drives or even large capacity external drives  is to password protect your drives with USB Secure, the most reliable and hassle free software available in the market today. It takes only a single click to

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