USB Device Redirection and Isolation Get Easy

Incentives Pro has released the TS Edition of its advanced product USB Redirector. The new software allows simple USB device redirection to a terminal server and enables device isolation in RDP session.

Designed to fill the gaps in the Windows OS functionality, the program provides some very handy USB device management options. As the name suggests, USB Redirector TS Edition allows its users to redirect their devices to the server and use them in remote Windows session.

The developers have also addressed privacy issues arising in the corporate environment, where controlling and limiting access to some devices can be vital. Using the unique feature offered by USB Redirector TSE you can isolate USB devices in your RDP session, making them inaccessible and invisible for other users. This ensures that private or sensitive data stays secure and prevents unauthorized employees from viewing, copying or otherwise using it. The program currently supports isolation for mass storage devices (such as USB flash drives and USB hard drives) and HID devices (including USB keyboards, mouse devices, touchpads, signature pads, footpedals, some USB fingerprint readers and USB smart card readers).

To make the software even more usable, Incentives Pro has added compatibility with USB Redirector for Linux – their free product that allows sharing and accessing USB devices remotely on Linux platform. Thus, you´ll be able to connect USB devices from Linux- or Windows-based computers to a Terminal Server where USB Redirector TS Edition is installed (note, however, that you´ll need the patch for open source project rdesktop).

Pricing and Availability

USB Redirector TS Edition is licensed per terminal server. Single License prices start at $134.99 for 2 USB devices; volume discounts are available. Licensed users are entitled to free tech support and minor version upgrades. The trial version of the product is available at

Company website:

Founded in 2007, Incentives Pro specializes in providing advanced USB/IP solutions. With its vast experience in the IT field, Incentives Pro offers its customers to take advantage of the significant expertise in software development. For more information please visit the company website.

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