10 Creative Store Signage Options When Opening a Dollar Store ? Part 2

Successfully opening a dollar store in today’s retail market requires meeting many demands.  It’s no longer a matter of finding a location, bringing in some basic products, throwing open the doors and quickly making a profit.  Today’s retail landscape demands that you take advantage of every advertising and promotional opportunity you can find.  In some cases there is a high cost involved.  In other cases advertising and promotion takes only a small investment.  The signage in your store typically requires little upfront cash.   Yet you’ll soon find in-store signage contributes significantly to sales.  A reminder; carefully examine local rules and regulations for business signage before making your final plans.  In this article I present the final 5 of 10 store signage options when opening a dollar store.

6) End cap signage.  End caps will prove to be high-selling portion of the sales floor for you.  It’s simple to increase your end cap sales by always placing signage on your end caps.  While you don’t want to block customer views of the product or prevent them from easily removing the product from an end cap, this is not the place for micro-mini signs.  Brightly colored signs will draw attention.  A brief well-written headline and sub-heading should do the trick.  Then start counting the sales you make.

7) Aisle Shelving.  Many retailers ignore the power of signage in aisle shelving.  Sure a special buy, or possibly a sale-priced item might get a small sign, but that’s about all most do.  Don’t make that mistake when opening a dollar store.  Highlight frequently used items such as household cleaners, health and beauty items, snacks, grocery items.  Don’t sign everything, but highlight the area and then select a few items to receive individual signage.  You’ll be surprised how many shoppers were overlooking items.  The signs will draw their attention and they become buyers.

8) Cash register and checkout areas.  Be sure it is easy for shoppers to locate the checkout area of your store.  An overhead sign is effective in accomplishing that task.  Then it’s important to highlight impulse items that are on display.  Remember – shoppers are busy thinking about the checkout transaction, not necessarily locating impulse items.  Yet they will often select a pack of gum or the flashlight batteries they didn’t remember while shopping when there is a sign to lead the way.

9) Exit doors and aisles.  In most localities exits and emergency exits must be well marked.  You’ll handle this requirement when first opening a dollar store.  Yet extra signage can be of help when harried shoppers get a phone call reminding them about a child they need to pick up, or some other unexpected problem.  Aisle signage is a totally different thing. Overhead signs informing shoppers what to expect in each aisle are helpful to shoppers and they often prompt extra last-minute purchases of temporarily forgotten items.

10) Shopping bag inserts.  A well-written insert can prompt shoppers to return to your store more frequently.  Including an insert into shopper’s bags is a great way to inexpensively promote upcoming events, newly arrived merchandise, and your store in-general.  Don’t forget to use inserts to prompt shoppers tell family and friends about your store.

A well-signed store creates a better shopping experience.  Proper signage makes it easier for customers to be informed and to locate just what they seek.

Pre-plan your store signage colors and logo.  Don’t forget to develop a short list of signage rules to help employees do a great job.  You’ll be happy with the results proper signage achieves for you when opening a dollar store.

To your dollar store business success!

By Anonymous

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