The Benefits Of Using Edmonton Self Storage Facility

Edmonton self storage facility is aimed at homeowners, tenants, businesses, students, and event organizers – just about anyone who needs a little extra space without paying exorbitantly. Thanks to Edmonton self storage facilities, you can sleep soundly at night, knowing your property is secure from weather, criminals, and other dangers.

The Concept of Self Storage

Edmonton storage facilities have come a long way from the 1970s, when the best you could hope for would be an asbestos covered shed in a parking lot. Today, Edmonton self storage buildings are steel or concrete constructions with 24/7 guards, electronic surveillance, climate control, fire safety, and your own special key that allows only you to access your cubicle. With space at a premium, there is a huge demand for room for purely storage purposes. The homeowner who lives in a cramped apartment but is too fond of his LP collection to throw it away finds the concept of Edmonton self storage facility handy. So does the student whose dormitory room cannot hold all her books as well as her bicycle, clothes, and other belongings. If residential space is at a premium, business rentals are almost unaffordable. Yet, a commercial enterprise often has knickknacks, equipment, records, furniture that it cannot afford to throw away. It prefers to hire Edmonton self service storage for warehousing these items. Homebased businesses find Edmonton storage facilities indispensable to their modest business needs. You can use Edmonton self storage facility for temporary storage as well – for example, when you are relocating and you need to keep your belongings in a safe place until the new home is ready or after you quit your old home.

Why Self Storage Is Popular

Edmonton self storage rates are very reasonable. The amount you pay depends on the facilities you opted for and the size of the unit. Unit sizes typically start from 5×5 sq. ft. and can be as much as 20×20 sq. ft. You can choose a unit to store anything from books and personal belongings to contents of an entire apartment, even motorboats and cars. One can get all that for not more than $10 to $20 a month.

Apart from Edmonton self storage prices, people also love the conveniences it offers. You can access your unit even after office hours with your own secure access card. The units are mostly fire, earthquake, and flood resistant. The entire Edmonton self storage facility is cordoned off with high fences and outdoor lights help in maintaining maximum security. Edmonton climate-controlled self storage prevents mold, damp, excess temperature, or pests from destroying sensitive equipment and stores.

An Edmonton self storage facility might even offer a mini business center on its premises. You can use communication equipment, and even rent a small office temporarily. No wonder businesses find self storage options increasingly attractive.

Some facilities also offer insurance on the items stored, but you need to check this with the facility manager. Many facilities don’t offer full insurance cover and insist that you take out insurance on the items before putting them in storage. Also, put your own lock on the door along with the one supplied by the manager.

Safety, convenience, and attractive pricing – find all these through an Edmonton self storage facility.

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