Why do we need to use USB as floppy?

Floppy disks were only the available option for transferring data from one device to others talking basically in terms of computers since last many years. Floppies discs nowadays completely became an outdated device are eliminated from computers after coming the new technology called USB as Floppy.   

If we try to engross ourselves in the scenario where a valuable industrial machine gets hung up only because of unavailability of floppy drive in the market, then what will happen? How will industry focus on its work without replacing the defective disks that cannot be used anymore?

As Floppy to USB conversion kit, and then the process will be completed.

Congratulation, you are now really deserved to be appreciated as you have completed the most important and technical task of converting Floppy Drive to USB successfully.

If you have an old floppy drive that you would like to use through your universal serial bus ports on your computer, you will need an appropriate adapter cable, so to do this first locate the IDE end of your adapter cable and plug it into the back of the floppy drive.

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