Branded USB Battery Flash Drives

If you’re looking for something a little different, something that will make your brand stand out from the crowd and something that will deliver a bit of a “wow” factor then you might want to think about USB flash drives in the shape of a battery.

Of course these battery shaped flash drives are ideal for any battery manufacturer like Duracell or Energizer but they are also ideal for any company that has products powered by batteries or is looking to “power into new markets”. There are lots of creative ways in which USB battery flash drives could be used and they certainly make a powerful impact!

The battery USB drives are slightly bigger than a standard AA battery (they need to be to accommodate the USB connector), they are made of metal and they have screw cap so they’re a pretty rugged and tough flash drive. Although they have an interesting shape they work just like any standard USB flash drive and they’re available in memory sizes from 64MB all the way up to 16GB!

Despite their shape four colour printing is available of these novel USB sticks and they can be supplied with a variety of different keyring attachments and/or lanyards.

If you do buy branded USB battery shaped memory sticks or in fact any USB stick that you’re going to use for promotional purposes then you need to think about whether you’re going to pre-load the sticks with data before you hand them out. Over the last year there has been a significant increase in the number of companies pre-loading their USB flash drives before they distribute them.

The print, transportation and storage costs of printed material like sales brochures, press releases and product sheets can all be saved by loading electronic versions of them onto the flash drives. In some cases it’s relatively easy to build a business case to fund the purchase of the USB drives from these savings alone. If you build in the additional promotional value that they deliver its no surprise that more and more companies are now buying USB flash drives.

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USB PC Oscilloscope

There are many types of oscilloscope. Many portable oscilloscopes are popular among the people. Today, I am going to introduce the USB PC oscilloscopes. This type oscilloscope works through the USB connection to the computing device. You don’t worry about this, as every computer has a USB drive. This device can detect electrical signals, frequencies, values of signals and voltages. The function is powerful, so it can suit people in various industries. You will find this one always cheaper than others in the oscilloscope market.

Oscilloscope always used as a multipurpose tool in dealing basic electronics or in advanced physics. However, the volume and the weight of the oscilloscope are so large and heavy. The most important restrained reason is the power of it. This

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Why Should You Hire Yahoo! Store Programmer?

Yahoo! Store has given new dimensions to eCommerce web development. It has helped many online merchants to set up their online stores. It is said to be one of the most versatile platform to create ecommerce sites. Among the various reasons, that make it popular, one of them is its simplicity. It is favored by merchants because it provides them with hosting capabilities and shopping cart security. However, when an online merchant opts for Yahoo! Store, one big question that he’s confronted with is whether he should hire a Yahoo! Store programmer or not.

Well, it is true that Yahoo! Store makes it easy to create and set up an online store; but, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it does not require experience and expertise, and it is only a professional who can give you the combination of these two factors. Besides the 2 Es, here are the five crucial reasons to hire a Yahoo! Store builder.

Customization and Modification
Yahoo! Store consists of templates that can be customized. However, the customization can only be done through RTML programming. Also, modifications might include necessary changes in graphics, custom layouts, add-ons and programming. Do you think you can do all these by yourselves? Of course, you cannot. Therefore, if you want to get the highest level of customization, then you’ll need to hire a Yahoo! Store builder.

Fast Development
Since, a professional developer possesses both experience and expertise, he can easily carry out the required modifications, and your site is developed within your desired time. The developers are also equipped with requisite resources, which mean that they can work faster and can reduce the overall development time.

Market Knowhow
A developer is not only experienced about the work, but he also has a deeper understanding of the market scenario. There are thousands of online stores that are built on the Yahoo! Store platform. Are you sure your site would run as efficiently as you expected? What can make it work? When you’re about to launch a new store, these questions would certainly ring in your mind. But, hiring a developer would help you to know what would work for your site and what won’t. The market knowhow of a developer can be extremely beneficial for online merchants, especially those who are launching new sites.

Valuable Updates
Developers know that industry standards keep on changing, and if you want to stay in the race, then you’ll need to keep your site updated. By hiring a professional developer, you won’t have to worry about all these, as your developer is fluent with the changing trends and latest updates. A developer would keep not only keep up with those updates, but he would also incorporate all the valuable updates into your so that your site keeps up and running.

Online ecommerce store development has become one of the major web development trends in the market, and Yahoo! Store has made its niche in this trend. Hiring a Yahoo! Store programmer would not only help you to get a well-designed site, but it would also allow you to reap huge benefits from it.

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Storage Unit Auctions ? Trash into Treasure

Abandoned Units

Today, we all have more material possessions than we could possibly need and when we run out of space to store them, we need to know how to find storage auctions in order to get a self storage locker. There are many such storage locker auctions that auction thousands of such lockers that are filled with belongings that have been abandoned by people. Such lockers could contain off season clothing, Christmas decorations, garden tools and equipment or some old antiques and heirlooms or just baby stuff that we have saved over the years. People rent these storage units and then finally get fed up of paying the rent for these and abandon them. The self storage facility owners foreclose such units and then hold local storage unit auctions, so that the bidder who wins the auctions can take all the possession contained in the storage locker when he decides buying storage units at auction.

How to Bid

The contents of the storage unit might be quite valuable and you must know how to bid at local auctions for storage units, so that you can make a profit if planning to resell the contents. Bidding at the storage locker auctions can, however, prove to be quite tricky, as you are not able to see all the contents present. There are just a lot of bags and boxes full of stuff and you need to estimate what you could possibly be letting yourself in for. Do not bid too high, or you could just be setting yourself up for a loss. The most common items in local auctions for storage units are furniture and some other personal effects in boxes. However, one cannot be sure of the items present in such boxes, though some of it could have good value.

How to find Storage Auctions

If you are wondering how to find storage auctions, you can call up the self storage facilities in the area and ask them to notify you when they hold the auctions or opt for online storage auctions. You can use a lot of the stuff that you buy from storage units auctions, if you have yard sales and so on. If you are looking to replenish any household items for yourself, you can make a trip to local auctions for storage units. The self storage facilities find it profitable to sell of the items through such local storage unit auctions, as they need to recoup the loss due to unpaid fees for the rental space.

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Why Do You Need Unified Storage Systems?

If you or company is involved with IT, then it natural that you are witnessing pressing challenges pertaining to data growth and expansion. However, owing to exploding data expansion, data have significantly undergone changes over the past few years. This in turn has redefined the growing importance of storage systems in addressing any data challenges.


Unified storage solutions that have the capacity to address both file and block requirements within a single system, instead of what to be utilized in multiple systems has now become a serious contender on the storage system vertically. Regardless of whether a data is filed or block, a unified storage system is able to offer a single point management for storage volumes, replication, snapshots and many more. The single yet holistic view changes the way the storage is provisioned, purchased and monitored.


Unified Storage System Concerns


However, the concern with the long-term trend in unified storage systems is that a conventional approach to this kind of storage system only serves half the concern. Unified storage systems are not unified if they are taking up 10, 20 or 200 storage systems to implement adequate capacity and performance. There has been instances when IT had to invest in unified storage to combine the two systems for efficient utilization and the it was discovered shortly that there is a need for a second unified unified storage solutions with their customized DAS, NAS, SAN, JBOD, and iSCSI solutions enables you to achieve your objectives in a cost efficient way. Furthermore, the solutions have inbuilt backup and recovery facilities that help you to bring down the back up expenses, enhance protection and streamline the data recovery process.


Innovative unified storage systems make use of leading industry technologies and are set up to increase the storage server assets, enhance efficiencies, carry on work with the present infrastructure and offer elasticity to make the most of new age technologies.

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Mini Self Storage: Beneficial For Your Business

No doubt in the fact that renting a self storage unit can be beneficial for many businesses depending on the nature of their business and also on their particular situation. It can help them in keeping their records safely without using extra office space for storage purposes. Companies that have plenty of inventory can simply an effective use of this service and can avail its benefit.   

It may be possible that you need a mini self storage unit for your business. In case of any seasonal reason, during restoration and in many such cases, it becomes important to store goods, office documents and equipments safely.

You can handle your business in far better manner by renting a mini self storage. Spending on availing its benefit is never waste. It is always worthy to invest some money in order to get these kinds of storage facilities, which is safe and secure. Self storages service will definitely benefit your business. You just need to decide what things you need to store for its safety. It is good to invest money of these kind of storage services only if actually need it. If you need extra storage space or want to store some of your random items, then it is advisable to go ahead with mini self storage facilities.

There are many situations where you would like to have a storage unit on rent for long or short term depending upon your requirements. Like if any kind of renovation going on in your office or you need to move to another location or there can be any other valid reason depending upon your situation, looking for a reliable mini self storage in your locality is always a better option. Self storage facilities are located almost in every nook and corner of the globe so it will not be tough for you to look for one located nearby your place.     

You may think that this is just adding on to your business expenses, but just like other valid business expense, it is worth. Just make sure that you are making the best use of the storage unit you have hired on rent. You can come across different kind of storage facilities that have different storage space sizes and rent. If you do not have to store lot many things, then it is advisable to opt for mini self storage. These types of storage units are small in size and are available at an affordable price.

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Project Ideas for Woodworkers: Furniture with Storage

The amount of clutter in a home greatly impacts its look and feel. Keeping clutter out of sight makes a home more comfortable and inviting, but isn’t always easy in homes that are short on storage space. Clutter often collects when we do not have a designated place for everything. Give your next woodworking furniture project double duty functionality by creating furniture with built-in storage. Here are a few storage furniture project ideas for experiences woodworkers:

Ottomans: A storage ottoman can be as simple as a cube shaped box with a lid. They can be upholstered in fabric or leather, and fit seamlessly into the style of any room. Consider using storage ottomans in the living room to store video game or television remotes, board games or other living room essentials.

Benches: A bench with built in storage can be a useful project for any room in the home. Storage benches make great toy boxes or bedroom storage for extra linens, blankets or out of season clothes. Outdoor benches also make great additions to porches or patios, and can be used to store hoses, pool toys, gardening equipment and more.

Bedside Tables: Cabinets or shelves built underneath bedside tables create convenient storage for books, medications and other bedside essentials. Shelving can even be added into existing bedside tables for a simpler project. Stain bedside tables to match other furniture in the room, or to blend in with a wall color. Another idea is to use interesting paint colors or techniques on bedside tables to add a splash of color to the bedroom.

Beds: A custom made bed presents several options for added storage. A headboard with cabinets or shelves provides storage and style without taking up floor space in the bedroom. Drawers can also be built under the bed to add ample discrete storage to a bedroom. Beds with built in storage create more space to hold extra clothing, linens, pillows or sentimental items.

Murphy Beds: A murphy bed is one that folds to the wall when not in use. While a murphy bed does not provide storage for items, it creates out of the way storage for an extra bed in the home.

Coffee Tables: Living rooms are often short on storage space, yet families tend to spend a lot of time there. A storage coffee table can essentially be built like a trunk with a solid top that doubles as a table. Be sure to use a protective finish on coffee tables to protect against spills.

Furniture with built in storage makes a great woodworking project that adds storage space to the home.

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Which is the best container for Hydrogen storage?

Hydrogen is the most widely available element on earth. It can be easily produced and the byproduct of using hydrogen as a fuel is water. When hydrogen is burned, it burns clean and doesn’t create additional pollution. However, the ability to use hydrogen as an energy source depends on the ability of storing it safely. Hydrogen, while plentiful, is not an easy element to control. The most stable state of hydrogen is at normal atmospheric conditions; however, it must be stored in manageable containers in order for hydrogen to be used as a fuel source.

Hydrogen is extremely reactive. Many people have seen images of the Hindenburg explosion and have a natural fear of hydrogen. Hydrogen has the potential to spontaneously combust and can be very flammable. This is a concern when considering hydrogen as a fuel for passenger vehicles. Road conditions are often unpredictable and road debris is frequently thrown up at the undercarriage of a vehicle. The location of a fuel tank in a car powered by hydrogen would need to be both protected and stable. Currently the fuel tank is mounted to the bottom of the car, between the back tires. However, a hydrogen fuel tank would need to be more protected, which may require the fuel tank to be located within the passenger part of the vehicle.

Hydrogen storage technologies can be divided into physical storage, where hydrogen molecules are stored (including pure hydrogen storage via compression and liquefication), and chemical storage, where hydrides are stored.

Chemical storage contain metal hydrides, Carbohydrates, Synthesized hydrocarbons, Liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC), Ammonia, Amine borane complexes, Formic acid, Imidazolium ionic liquids, Phosphonium borate. Metal hydrides, such as MgH2, NaAlH4, LiAlH4, LiH, LaNi5H6, TiFeH2 and palladium hydride, with varying degrees of efficiency, can be used as a storage medium for hydrogen, often reversibly. Some are easy-to-fuel liquids at ambient temperature and pressure, others are solids which could be turned into pellets. These materials have good energy density by volume, although their energy density by weight is often worse than the leading hydrocarbon fuels.

Carbohydrates (polymeric C6H10O5) releases H2 in a bioreformer mediated by the enzyme cocktail—cell-free synthetic pathway biotransformation. Carbohydrate provides high hydrogen storage densities as a liquid with mild pressurization and cryogenic constraints: It can also be stored as a solid power. Carbohydrate is the most abundant renewable bioresource in the world.

An alternative to hydrides is to use regular hydrocarbon fuels as the hydrogen carrier. Then a small hydrogen reformer would extract the hydrogen as needed by the fuel cell. However, these reformers are slow to react to changes in demand and add a large incremental cost to the vehicle powertrain.

Unsaturated organic compounds can store huge amounts of hydrogen. These Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) are hydrogenated for storage and dehydrogenated again when the energy/hydrogen is needed. Heterocyclic aromatic compounds are most appropriate for this task.

In 2006 researchers of EPFL, Switzerland, reported the use of formic acid as a hydrogen storage material. Carbon monoxide free hydrogen has been generated in a very wide pressure range (1–600 bar). A homogeneous catalytic system based on water soluble ruthenium catalysts selectively decompose HCOOH into H2 and CO2 in aqueous solution.

Physical storage contain Cryo-compressed, Carbon nanotubes, Metal-organic frameworks, Clathrate hydrates, Glass capillary arrays and Glass microspheres methods. Cryo-compressed storage of hydrogen is the only technology that meets 2015 DOE targets for volumetric and gravimetric efficiency. Furthermore, another study has shown that cryo-compressed exhibits interesting cost advantages: ownership cost (price per mile) and storage system cost (price per vehicle) are actually the lowest when compared to any other technology. 

In addition to being able to store electrical energy, there has been some research in using carbon nanotubes to store hydrogen to be used as a fuel source. By taking advantage of the capillary effects of the small carbon nanotubes, it is possible to condense gases in high density inside single-walled nanotubes. This allows for gases, most notably hydrogen (H2), to be stored at high densities without being condensed into a liquid. Potentially, this storage method could be used on vehicles in place of gas fuel tanks for a hydrogen-powered car. A current issue regarding hydrogen-powered vehicles is the onboard storage of the fuel. Current storage methods involve cooling and condensing the H2 gas to a liquid state for storage which causes a loss of potential energy (25–45%) when compared to the energy associated with the gaseous state. Storage using SWNTs would allow one to keep the H2 in its gaseous state, thereby increasing the storage effciency. This method allows for a volume to energy ratio slightly smaller to that of current gas powered vehicles, allowing for a slightly lower but comparable range.

Metal-organic frameworks represent another class of synthetic porous materials that store hydrogen and energy at the molecular level. MOFs are highly crystalline inorganic-organic hybrid structures that contain metal clusters or ions (secondary building units) as nodes and organic ligands as linkers.

Chemical storage methods mostly simple in principle, but when it release hydrogen, often cost extra energy or catalyst. In the contrary, physical storage methods do not need extra energy, and have been widely used. Great efforts have been paid to storage hydrogen research on Special materials.

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Keep Your USB Drives Protected From Snooping Eyes

Do you carry your flash drives everywhere with you? If you do, have you ever considered the outcomes of losing it in a busy train, or dropping it accidentally at airport, or losing it somewhere at your workplace? What if someone finds the flash drive you left in a locker somewhere and use against you the information stored in it? For all these questions, the most common answer many of you will come up with is password protecting your flash drives.

That’s right, you can password protect your flash Drives and other portable media by using an appropriate USB security software program available in the market. But, are you sure that the product, which you will take the data protection service from, will be reliable enough to outshine all the other security programs in the market? Are you certain that it will evenly worth each penny you’ll pay for it? Let’s take you away from the hassle of deciding between what’s good and what’s best as what we have in store for you, will do away with all the concerns you have. Be it the money you’ll spend for it, or the security concerns of the data you carry along.

Now you can password protect your flash Drives, Thumb drives, Memory sticks, Pen drives, and Jump drives with a reliable and cost-effective USB security software program that helps you in restricting unauthorized access to your valuable data by password protecting your flash drives and other portable media. This cutting-edge USB protection product helps you in securing your important and confidential data that could worth millions of dollars and the loss of which can put your business or work at a serious risk.

The information you store in your portable drives or different storage devices once stolen, lost or handed over to someone else, may slip into wrong hands. A reliable portable drive security program can put a stop to all such privacy breaches and can save you from paying the cost of your data loss. Not only does this program offers absolute convenience in terms of its use, to Usb drive password protection program is all set for your device, you don’t need to run the program separately every time your USB stick is popped into your system. Its Auto-Play feature runs the program automatically as soon as it detects the presence of a USB Flash Drive in the system. A lost or stolen drive can cost you money, embarrassment and even a job which is something nobody wants. So, stop using unprotected USB Drives and start protecting your data from today, before it’s too late.

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Many items are available at a religious store

People may decide to shop at a religious store for many reasons. These stores carry products that can’t be obtained in department stores or regular retailers. This type of store can be a generic Christian store, a Catholic store or one that has Judaica.

Depending on one’s religious affiliation, people may want to find gifts that are suitable for religious occasions such as a baptism, or christening, confirmation, or bar or bat mitzvah. Many denominations such as Catholicism have several events for people early in life. Relatives and friends often play the role of godparents or sponsors, which are a sort of spiritual mentors. It is custom in many of these events for one party to give the other person a gift of some sort such as a religious icon, jewelry or other type of sacred object. People that are seeking these gifts will look for products at the store type that most closely matches their religious background. They may find a local store or look for a religious store online.  

People also look for products for gift giving on birthdays and holidays. Many people enjoy giving or receiving these types of gifts. Some people will also enjoy obtaining statuary of saints or sacred figures for their homes or gardens.

A few people are also looking for St. Joseph statues if they are attempting to sell a house. St. Joseph is the patron saint of carpenters and real estate. It has been a custom to bury a small statue of him in the front yard to attempt to get a home sold. There are a variety of different methods that are recommended ranging from placing him in a corner or under the water hose bib. There are also kits that people sometimes obtain for this purpose.

There are also stores that carry religious literature such a bibles. Different denominations rely on different versions with the King James Version being one of the most widely used. There are sometimes other options for religious works depending on how large the store is and what group it is associated with. People can sometimes find fiction and non-fiction works from prominent theologians as well as books about the lives of saints.

Some stores also carry products for children. Many have stickers with different types of scenes from the bible or depictions of saints and other holy imagery. A few will have literature that is appropriate for children or bible games. What products a religious store carries will usually depend on size and denomination it is affiliated with.

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