Wooden Usb Computer Accessories

Many people these days carry with them USB flash or pen drives. These are becoming essential for the transportation of data between computers. As these devices are growing to be ubiquitous they risk becoming boring. There is a product from the UK which is far from boring. A USB pen drive made of wood!

These fully functional little logs can store up to 1 Giga byte of documents and data, this equates to hours of music and many many photos. Compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers, everyone can use one.

Having a material like wood in an IT environment is an obvious juxtaposition which could no doubt raise a few eyebrows from the casual observer. Any computer user who has a wooden stick poking out of their high tech machine might well draw attention to themselves.

There are other examples of wooden computer products available such as wooden mice, finely crafted wooden keyboards and monitor covers. This trend to personalize an impersonal tool such as a computer, or a computer accessory, certainly stamps a level of individuality on what can be otherwise a uninspiring asset.

Flashsticks is a small UK operation which specialize in the creation of wooden USB pen drives. Each drive is made from locally grown silver birch wood from a renewable source. Because of the material employed, each USB ‘stick’ is unique, no two sticks are the same. Because of the irregularity of the material used, each USB pen drive also has to be hand made which can only add to the charm.

With the whole world assessing its green credentials, what will be next?

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